The World of Arith

Dark Times in the Endeleu Mountains

The trail through the Endeleu mountains was rough, but the tracks were easy to follow. One night however, the group encountered a patrol of hobgoblins who were covering up the tracks the wagons left behind.

At first, the group tried to hide within their cave and Finn made an illusion to cover the entrance. It was working until a hobgoblin scout came upon the freshly put out camp fire.

As the hobgoblins searched around, Nolan decided he had had enough hiding and charged out to face them. The rest followed suit with arrows and magic flying out of the cave. Even with the upper hand, the fight was tough. Nolan, being the stout paladin, barely was being touched even when surrounded, but he was having issues hitting back. Bran, ever the master archer, couldn’t quite hit the mark at times. Most of the group chalked it up for them being human and useless in the dark.

Lucky the shaman hobgoblin was the first to go down. Finn conjured a convincing hill giant illusion which distracted a few of them for a few seconds. The rest of the scout patrol went down after a time.

Searching the bodies, the adventurers found a note confirming the scout group was out to hide the wagon tracks. The group finished off their extended rest and he added deeper into the mountains.

It didn’t take them long to happen upon another patrol of hobgoblins. However this group was more a guard post then a patrol. The group easily dispatched the guards and the ones the were running away to warn others.

Further down the road, the adventures found that the tracks split up. The wagon tracks kept moving down the trail, while severAl hobgoblin tracks moved down a trail to the south and into a cave.

The group decided to enter the cave and finish off the hobgoblins. The y proceeded with much caution and sent Finn in first, as severAl members did not have sight that would help them in darkness.

Finn did well sneaking in and out to report a patrol just within the cave entance in an alcove. They charged in an attacked the guards. The fight was swift. But to the south, a shaman hobgoblin fired spells their way. With the shaman were two orcs.

Finn fired back with faerie fire to illuminate these new enemies for his human paladin ally. The shaman and remaining orc ran down a West corridor and the group gave chase.

The orc was mowed down with ease, but the shaman made it to the very large cavern to warn the rest of the hobgoblin fighters that they we under attack.

The fighting ensued. Welby changed into a giant spider and spider climbed to hobgoblin archers to attack. Nolan charged right on in and and blocked any hobgoblin from getting behind him. Bran, still not used to the dark cavern, was having trouble hitting his target. Both Sig and Hydra unlesashed their magic on the hobgoblin that were out of reach of Nolan.

Finn got himself in a bit of trouble when he tried to take on the shaman alone. Welby lost his spider form from to many hits, but the group managed to survive and defeat the hobgoblins.

But they could not rest, as they found another natural stone bridge over the underground river and sounds of chanting coming from the cave beyond.

Finn snuck over the bridge to check to see what he could see within. He could see only so far in, but he made out two hobgoblins ready to attack anyone who tried to enter the cavern. Finn went back and reported to the others what he could see.

Nolan, unafraid to move on, was the first to charge over and attack. The rest followed and soon they were able to overwhelm the hobgoblins. As they pored into the cavern, they spotted where the chanting was coming from. Deeper in the cavern was a large deep hole and beyond that was a hobgoblin shaman at a sacrificial table. A dwarf was on the table cut open and it’s blood draining down into the large hole.

To the left of the cavern, two other dwarfs were chained to poles.

Bran, who could not see in the darkness, tried to fire arrows in the direction of the chanting to stop it, but missed several times. The others were dispatching the other hobgoblins.

When the hobgoblin stopped his chanting, he screamed, “Come gifts of the Daughters. Come feast and kill!”. Those were his final words as the adventures with darkvision were able to take him down.

Two Black Dragon Wyrmlings emerged from the hole seeking food. Luckly for the group, the wyrmlings emerged on the far side of the hole and began to feast on the dead dwarf. But instead of leaving the dragon alone to their supper, the adventures decided to attack them. Their attacks only aggravated them to turn and attack the group.

The first to go down from the dragons breath was Welby, then Finn took a major hit and went down. Bran, normally reliable to attack with his bow, just seemed to keep missing the wyrmlings. Finn soon went down from the other dragon.

Nolan would soon join the fight with the wyrmling after dispatching the last hobgoblin and called upon Torm to to destroy such evil. Torm answered as Nolan’s sword cleaved clean through the neck of the first wyrmling. Balfor, one of the dwarves the party had saved, released his anger on the other wyrmling for the finishing blow.

Once all was cleared, the group moved back out of the cavern and over to one of the campfires to rest. When they figured out that they would not be disturbed, the took the time to rest for the night.

You Got the Dwarf, Now get the Machine

Finally in Sarten, the adventures stopped at a finer tavern then the one they had first gone to the day they all met. Fresh with gold from their spoils, the adventures sat down and ate a well deserved meal. Many of the group talked to Brannigan in his native tongue. This frustrated Nolan as he did not know many languages and every time someone looked his way, he thought they were talking about him (sometimes they were).

Brannigan noted that he needed to see the High Priest of Torm and that is was Nolan’s job to represent him. He also recognized Sid as a weapon during the Whitecrown Mountain Wars. Though it was late in the day, they all agreed to go see the high priest.

During the meeting with Erol, the high priest, Nolan showed his ill manners by neither kneeling before the high priest or presenting himself in the manner of a paladin of Torm. Nolan took a moment to correct himself and then presented Brannigan.

After a lengthy talk on what had happen at the farm, high priest Erol decided to take this matter up with members of the royal court. He instructed the adventures, after paying them, to stay around as he may have need of them. He offered Brannigan and his servant a place to stay and pray at the temple and instructed Nolan to go back to his training and teaching till it was time that Erol called upon him.

For the next week, the others moved around the city, either garnering influence among the locals, or seeking simple labor jobs to get some pay. Soon Erol called them back to the temple to explain their next move. This time when they met with the high priest, Nolan correctly went through the formalities.

The high priest instructed Nolan and his group to make their way to Saxau. There have been rumors from hunters and trappers of a hobgoblin war band crossing through the forest a few days out of Saxau. He introduces Alda Sunder, a shifter shaman who is to accompany them.

The group boards a ship headed to Saxau to shorten the distance they have on the war band. Bran spends most of those days at sea sick and over the rails. Welby, not used to ships, combated his occasional sickness by changing in to some animal form or another that did not mind the motion.

They arrive at Saxau with little incident, aside from sea sick passangers. Soon they settled into a tavern. Finn worked the room with his songs. The rest listened for stories from the hunters and trappers that came in and out of the taverns.

It did not take long for a drunkard trapper to come in and drink more of his sorrows of lost equipment and furs by a band of nasty hobgoblins. Nolan moved over to him and began buying drinks for the trapper to tell his story. The trapper, to drunk to concentrate, mumbled most of his words. Nolan, not having it, took the trapper outside, apologized to the horses and promptly dunked the trapper in the water trow. This however did not sober him up, but instead he passed out.

Disappointed, Nolan and the group payed for rooms (which Hydra made sure she had a room alone and had Sig outside her door). Nolan tied the man to the bed of the room Nolan bought (to which many of the other adventures snickered at).

The next day, the man awoke and agreed to take the group halfway to the area of his campsite, which was a few days out, but that was as far as he would go. The group agreed and left as soon as they could.

The travel was going well, til one night with Sig on guard, the group was attacked by three very hungry giant frogs. It was not going well for the group as Bran and their guide had been swallowed whole by two of the frogs. However, the group recovered and managed to rescue those that were swallowed.

After a few days they found the campsite and found the tracks of a few wagons and hobgoblin. They followed them North West into the Endeleu Highlands.

The Action at Brannigan's Farm

After the short rest in the woods, the group of adventures made there way toward Brannigan’s Farm.

As they approached, they spotted a gnome watching the farm. the gnome, slightly startled, introduced himself as Keegan. Keegan was suddenly not alone when a creature came out of the woods to be by Keegan’s side. Keegan called it Zifrit.

Keegan told the group that the farm had been surrounded by Hobgoblins. As the group moved closer to the farm via the woods, they saw a large group of goblins come around the farm house and confront the hobgoblins. Soon the goblins attacked the hobgoblins and an all out fight began.

Bran, Hydra, Finn and Welby decided to sneak around the big barn and head to the back of the farm house with Keegan. Once around the extremely large barn, Finn saw an outer door to the house and decided to sneak into it. Unfortunately he ended up in the outhouse section of the house. He was about to leave when a few goblins came running around the house to try to get behind the hobgoblins. The kept the group behind the barn and Finn within the outhouse for a few more minutes.

Once the goblins left, Bran checked the large barn and found it to be empty, save for several wagon tracks leading out of it. Finn left the outhouse, although a bit smelly, and decided to check another building to the north of the farm house with Welby. After seeing nothing within the the building and determining it an empty stables, both Welby and Finn made their way back to the farm house. Unfortunately they were spotted by a few goblins that were making there way around the house.

After a quick scrimmage, of which Keegan and Zifrit chased down the escaping goblins. The others proceeded to head to the southern most door. Hydra peeked through a window they were passing by and began to throw up from the horror of a chopped up body of a female dwarf on a table.

Bran, Finn and Welby quickly went by her and snuck through the door and into the kitchen. The found a human female cowering within one of the storage closets in hysterics. Finn was able to comfort her and she was able to give a little information. She told the group that Brannigan was tied up in the living room, but that was all she knew. When several noises came from the living room area, she coward back deeper into the storage.

Stan made his way to the next door that lead from the kitchen to the dining/prep room. There on the table in that room was the female dwarf’s parts. It looked as though the hobgoblins had been eating her bit by bit. Two other doors led out of dining/prep room and loud noises of combat could be heard in the other room beyond.

With Nolan and Sig outside fighting, assisted by Keegan and Zifrit, the rest of the gang piled into the dinning room and slowly opened the two doors leading out.

To their surprise, they saw a fight between a goblin shaman and a hobgoblin shaman. The goblin shaman in seeing the door open, fired a spell into the dinning room injuring many. THe group managed to kill the hobgoblin and goblin archers that were in the room, but only injured the shamans.

Both the hobgoblin and goblin, seeing the sudden arrival of a new group, decided to end their feud and escape to fight another day. Both leaving without their prized engineering dwarf.

Afer clearing the farm of hobgoblins and goblins, the group convened in the living room, bloodied and bruised. Their employer, Brannigan, had been weakened and unconscious by poison. Nolan’s healing powers were depleted and said he could do nothing till the next day for the dwarf. Keegan said he would keep an eye on his friend till the next day.

During the next day, Nolan did as he promised and healed Brannigan. After a short introduction, Brannigan asked to be left alone to grieve for his wife. The group later helped bury he wife. Keegan fully introduces himself as Councilor of Torka, Summoning Magistrate of the kingdom.

Once Brannigan had time, he discussed with the adventures that the machine the hobgoblins had stolen was a new version of the flying machines the dwarves use in Draglamor. Only his does not need magic to keep his flying machine up in the air and moving. He mentioned that the hobgoblin shaman was not going to send the dwarf along with the machine as the shaman would use him as a bargain chip for more gold and power.

By the afternoon, the adventures left the farm and made their way back to Sarten. The trip had a small bump in the road with a group of goblins that they dispatched very easily.

On the Road...with Goblins....

It was almost a days walk to the farm of their employer. However, the trail was not as easy as it seemed.

Halfway there and our adventures ran into a gang of Goblins that awaited for them in ambush. This was the first time the adventures had fought together and it almost did not go so well.

Hydra and Sig, being young sorcerers, stayed in the back and slightly behind a big tree firing off their spells. Nolan charged forward with little regard for support to take on the leader of the goblin band. Bran showed his skill with his bow, but took several crossbow bolts in the process. Finn and Welby also took nicks and bruises as the group was spread apart.

But it did not take long for them to find their stride. Welby entangled the leader and two other goblins while Finn Inspired Nolan with tales of his god Torm. Soon the adventures dispatched the goblins and rested (while looting of course). They found on the leader, Bergrat, a note that read in Hespruar, “Bergrat, I entrust you and your Goblin clan to patrol the roads to the farn while we take what we seek, as well as hostages.”

Even though they were worried for their employer, they took a rest to deal with the many wounds they received before moving on. they did not want head to the farm without being prepared.

Another New Chapter Begins
Will new heroes arise?

It is Autumn, 2288, the 2nd 5th day of Brightleaf. The city of Sarten is about to have it’s annual Autumn Harvester’s Festival. Merchants from all around the Sarten region and beyond are coming to sell their goods before the long winter comes.

With these merchants, comes the need to hire laborers, bodyguards and mercenaries to protect the goods to be sold. And it is here that our adventures find themselves. Many of them in need of money to keep food in their bellies and a roof over their heads in the coming winter months.

Nolan Lawbringer is a young brash paladin wanting to show his mettle to be within the Queen’s Gendarmes. His skills and lineage make him perfect for the ranks. However, his brashness, especially toward women, holds him back.

Sarten’s High Priest of Torm, Erol Mubriquo, has requested Nolan for an assignment. A member of Erol’s congregation and loyal follower of Torm has asked for assistance protecting his wares when he brings them to Torm. Erol has asked Nolan to go to whichever taverns has people looking for work, to hire some adventures at 12 gold a day and meet this member at his farm. The member’s name is Brannigan and his farm is a half days walk out of town.

It takes awhile, but Nolan finds one of the few taverns that still have adventures in need of work. it is only a few days to the Harvester’s Festival and the pickings are slim.

Nolan enters, looks around and announces that he is looking for any man who is looking for work to speak up.

A warforged named Sig is the first to stand up, but he states to Nolan that he, nor his companion; the lovely yet shy Hydralitheyer; are men. He asks, “Do we count?”

Nolan carefully rephrases his words and includes any adventures. He also includes the pay per day. Somehow, he still manages to say a few brash words pertaining to Hydra’s womanhood.

Sig agrees to join, as his companion cradles her ferret and questions what he is getting them into. She lets Nolans words toward her go and trusts in Sigs judgement.

A young half-elf bard, who had been entertaining the crowd, also speaks up and agrees to the work. He introduces himself as the charming Finn Bjorgarson. His eyes and smile barely leave the direction of Hydralitheyer, who also happens to be half-elf.

Two others from the bar speak up as well. A human fighter from the Wildlands named Bran Strongbolt and a halfling druid, who dresses too finely to be seen as a druid, named Welby Thorngage.

Nolan hands out writs for the payment these adventures would get upon completion of their job and mentions that they will be heading out the next morning.

These newly grouped adventures turn in for the night in hopes of an easy paycheck.

The Epistles of Tostig IV

Baron Brand of the Kron Hills

My Lord, I hope this missive finds you hardy and hale! In the Glory of your name My companions and I prepare to descend and attempt a assault upon the Leadership of the Greater Temple… The Daughter Hadratha and Vile Wizard Senlock… We have also learned of a way to enter the Demon Lords Zugutmyg’s own prison and do battle to remove the true source of this vile pits reason for existence… We have entrusted this knowledge to the Druid Malgosa, seek his council should fortune not find favorin our strike…


The Epistles of Tostig III

Dearest Toldara,

I hope this missive finds your family in happy spirits and healthy dispositions! I miss you all deeply. My adventures have taken me beyond my wildest aspirations. I have become a sworn bannerman of Brand, Baron of the Kron Hills. I have built a modest hall here in Hillsboro with a fine lab, of which I took your advice and used a low density ceramic for better heat ablation the fusinator. In addition to my boon companions I have developed a small cadre of men at arms sworn to me. I have even cleaned up old Clovis and got him out of His cups. There is a very real promise of more land, followers, and possibly Title. I beg you come here, take your family and inhabit my halls. Run my operation here in Hillsborro. Let me make Hrothgor the Captain of my fighting men! Big things are coming sister! Help me restore the honor of our family name that vile retch of a brother squandered away. I await your reply
Keegen and Valishar Go Shopping

Falyna counsels not trading the gems for gold. Since they can be used as gold in most places, paying the 10% exchange rate seems to her a waste of resources. To which Keegen explains that he only wanted Valishar to assess the gems profitability to add the total wealth, but Keegen mentions how very observant she is.

Across from Crown’s Exchange, Falyna brings you to Market Hall and a shop near the middle called House of Fiori. There you meet a balding Tylden Fiori who agrees to purchase the Ivory Box for 175 gp (worth 350), the silver mirrors (worth 25 gp each) for 25 gp, the copper box inlaid with Sardonyx for 75 (worth 150) and the set of 15 silver plates for 250 gp (30 gp each).

Keegen thinks the Ivory Box is worth far more than the shop keeper suggests, the ivory alone is rare in these parts and the rich folk in these parts would snatch up this box quickly at twice it’s price. And if not the rich, then certainly the mages who use these boxes for traps against thieves. No less then 225. After some back and forth, Tylden agrees to pay 200 gp for the box.

As for the two silver mirrors, they have a history, they were used agaist the most vile of werewolves. The priests of Saranae, Saimin and Iomedae themselves blessed those very mirrors. It is unfortunate that the priests did not bless themselves against the deadly claws of the werewolves, but the mirrors have value just the same. 30 gold. Not buying the story, Tylden again offers 15 gp for the set

The copper box is worthy of the price as the keeper must make a profit after all. However the silver plates at 250? There are enough rich houses from here to Hawkmoon that have 15 children born with silver spoons in their mouths. And their food must be served on a silver plate. An easy sell for the shop keepers skill. 320 no less, Tylden agrees to raise the offer to 300.

Falyna takes you to a shop in The Exchange district called Shalazan’s Fine Jewelry. Shalazan is an exotic beauty who dresses in clinging silks. She flirts with both of you, to which Falyna rolls her eyes. After a lot of back and forth, she is willing to take the ring with the garnet (worth 350 gp), the copper armband (worth 50 gp), the jeweled necklace (worth 240 gp), and the ivory bracelet (worth 500 gp) in exchange for 800 gold. Even without knowing what it’s for, she “gets a bad feeling” about the jewelry that has Temple images and motifs, but would be willing to give you 200 gp for the 8 pointed fire symbol with the ruby – she can melt it down and reset it (worth 1,000 gp). She would also be willing to take the fire symbol with the garnets for 100 gp as a set of 3 (the Fire Captain’s Chain was worth 250 gp and the 2 lesser fire priests’ amulets were worth 100 gp each). She invites Valishar back later for a nightcap. Any funds are paid with a letter of credit. Falyna will bring you back to Crown’s Exchange to redeem them later.

Keegen is not sure whether the beautiful Shop keeper is using her charm to bring down the prices or is just that flirtatious. He believes the 800 is fair enough. But the pricing for the necklaces are just too low. Perhaps if Keegen could take her to the side and convince her in his charming way that he could convince his tall elven friend that an ‘few’ night caps during their stay within the city for a mere 250 more. After all, Valishar is well versed in some ‘skills’. Keegen returns to Valishar in another corner and looks for an agreement, however he warns not to accidently make any half-elves with the shop keeper or Adran will have is ‘night caps’ chopped off.

Valishar kneels down to Keegen’s level and whispers in his ear: “250 isn’t worth my nightcap.” He pauses briefly, “make it 300 and I’ll take one for the team.” He then looks toward Shalazan and gives her a wink.
“Ah but master elf,” Keegen replies, “If I negotiate a higher price after already giving one, we could risk insulting her beauty if it looks like I’m ‘forcing’ you on her. We could lose everything. No Valishar, you must go with the agreement met. But don’t worry, I will compensate your losses,” Keegen smiles back at Shalazan in confidence, “or personal gain for that matter.”

After giving him the once-over, Shalazan however says that Valishar should be paying her for the honor of escorting her out for a night, but she’s willing to up the price for the three lesser amulets to 200 gp (for scrap) and is willing to up the price for the high priest’s amulet to 300 gp.

Up to Hightown were Falyna brings you to Kazal’s Golden Rings. There the dwarven merchant Kazal and his human apprentice Darven agree to purchase the jeweled dagger (worth 250 gp) and the electrum ring (worth 250 gp) for 350 gp. They also show hesitancy with the items with Temple Motifs, but with pressure from Falyna, will give you 50 gp for all 5 earth rings (worth 50 gp each) and another 50 gp for the gold chain with the gold skull emblem (worth 175 gp). Again, payment made using a letter of credit redeemable at Crown’s Exchange.

Keegen somberly agrees to the 350 gold for the dagger and the ring, however he hesitates to give up the dagger as he is blurts out that the halfling clans Endless Plains use these very such daggers as a symbol of their status and to give up such a prize from the far east pains him. However if they could lessen the sting of the offer for the rings and gold chain by say a mere extra 100; the parting of such a worthy treasure will not hurt so much. Kazal agrees to the bargain.

Finally, she brings you to Neldath Hill and to Ossper’s Fine Clothing. Although Garet Ossper seems somewhat jumpy and nervous, Falyna’s presence seems to calm him somewhat. In fact when you entered, he greeted Falyna by name and asked if she were still a size 7. The shop was full of students and robes of every color and insignia that you saw on your way here are on racks around the room. Several fitters wait on customers, most likely students from the colleges, while you speak to Garet. He doesn’t like the symbols on the three red robes, but the crimson cloth, the silks and the inlays could be repurposed. He is willing to give you 200 gp for the High Priest’s robe (worth 1,000 gp), 50 gp for the crimson robes (worth 250 gp) and 20 gp each for the lesser fire priests’ robes (worth 100 gp each).

Keegen scoffs at such offers. He mentions to Garet that though his keen eyes for a woman’s size may be unmatched, his sense of imagination at what he could do with the materials granted to him. (Keegen walks around Falyna eyeing her up and down making motions with his hands as if putting an imaginary dress on Falyna). The autumn colors of gold and crimson would shine on a dress to be shown on a proud and beautiful woman. The highlight of the big Autumn Fair. What do you mean what autumn fair? Why the one in Hillsboro, don’t you know that Hillsboro is a growing town at great rate.

Why the need for fine clothing will be of the utmost importance and to showcase such finery by none other than Ossper’s Fine Clothing will make the ladies blush. As a matter of fact, there is plenty of material from the crimson robe and the lesser fire robes to make a fine dress for a fine figure, however Keegen has suddenly realized that the High Priest’s robe would look nice displayed next to the Earth Priest’s robe they have at Tostig’s home and promptly removes them from the conversation. 250 gold for the rest, along with a whisper that will roll like a wave upon the ladies of Hillsboro that Ossper’s Fine Clothing will be coming with clothing so fine that it will make the man you love swoon to your arms. Garet agrees to the deal.

After that Keegen asked Falyna where there might be interested in some finely made weapons and armor, some with magical properties, to be sold:Pike +1, Heavy Shield +1, Shortsword +1 and Chain Shirt +2). Do the rich merchants of these parts have bodyguards they wish to be well armed perhaps? She shows the pair to College Enchanters, where he makes the last of his purchases and sales.

City Lights

Fullsun 23

Arriving in the City of Brineven before dusk on the 23rd of Fullsun, Tostig and the new druid Arnor acquire rooms at the Sword and Board in the Exchange District while Adran, Valishar, Eldwinn, Hrun and Keegen get directions to the Silver Elm and stay there. Adran, Hrn and Eldwinn found their way to the Temple of Silver Stars where they met with Shal Lurilar, the High Moon Mistress of the Temple, who agreed to perform the miracle of regenerating Eldwinn’s hand for a 4,900 gp donation to the Temple and Eldwinn’s acceptance of a ritual quest to wreak vengeance on the Temple of Chaos.

Fullsun 24

Staying overnight at the Silver Elm, Eldwinn, Hrun, Adran Keegen and Valishar wake to a breakfast of Halvashi before Adran, Hrun and Eldwinn head over to the Temple of Silver Stars so that Eldwinn can get his hand regenerated.

While the ceremony is taking place, Keegen and Valishar head to Crown’s Exchange, the Bank of Brineven. There they meet with Sir Osgood Fairbain, an older, distinguished gentleman who listened to the curious gnome’s explanation of sidestepping Torka and developing a trade route north that didn’t stretch through Marston. After speaking with his colleagues, the Exchange agreed that the idea was interesting enough to assign an agent, Falyna Denlorn, to assess Keegen’s band and their chances of success.

When Keegen mentioned selling some items of value, Falyna looked over the items and led he and Valishar around town to treat with merchants. Having a representative from Crown’s Exchange on hand did much to help Keegen as they canvased the city selling items of value.

Keegen and Valishar, following Falyna’s lead head over to College Enchanters, run by the College Arcane’s school of enchantment. There they sell some of the base magic items no longer necessary and purchase others or commission others from the enchanters. Valishar gains a Pearl of Power, which are often made by graduates of the school due to their usefulness and Keegen commissions work on enchanting a suit of full plate and also commissions a handy haversack. While the plate mail is promised for the following day, the haversack wouldn’t be completed until the 26th.

Fullsun 25

Enjoying a day of rest and relaxation the party did nothing in particular in the City. Keegen picked up Adran’s plat email they had enchanted. At lunch, they gathered at the Silver Elm where Falyna introduced herself and the deal made with Keegen, she would act as their bookkeeper and the treasurer of their operation as an agent for the Exchange. She would help with the flow of funding and the financing of resources to operate on the scale of a domain. The entire group agreed and invited her back to stay at Moonstone Manor.

Fullsun 26-30

The morning of the 26th, the party picked up the haversack they had commissioned and set out back for Hillsboro. They made it back to Hillsboro on the afternoon of the 28th. The morning of the 29th, they set off for Hrun’s outpost, dropped some goods off, checked on the operation and set out for the temple. After spending the night traveling through the swamp they arrived back at the Temple the morning of the 30th.

Fullsun 30

Heading down to the second level, Keegen lead the party past the kitchens to a side hallway not yet explored. There they opened the door to find two guards dressed in black, similar to the guard patrols they had been harassed by in their previous explorations. Defeating the two guards and opening the door behind them, they realized they were in the guard barracks and found themselves facing a patrol band. With the patrol band holding position and waiting for the party to attack, Valishar let loose a fireball at which point, the door between the rooms closed and the fireball burst around them. When the door swung open again, the half-orc rogue from before dropped down and moved behind the men.

Charging into the room, Hrun and Adran faced the Greater Temple forces with Tostig at their back while the others stayed back and supported the warriors until another figure dropped from above the door, the other rogue commander engaged the Eldwinn, Valishar, Arnor, Keegen and Zifrit as his warriors engaged Adran and Hrun. Soon the half-orc began studying Adran looking for weaknesses and springing in to attempt to assassinate the elven paladin. Soon the greater temple guards began to fall and the commanders started getting slammed. The rogue engaged with the group in the first room tried to flee, but not was finally slain before he escaped. Once the guards were down, the sergeant and the half-orc quickly fell to the party’s blades.

Give Me a Hand

After sleeping in a conjured rope trick in the swamplands beyond the temple, the companions arrived back at Hrun’s outpost at the end of Fullsun the 19th. With a lot weighing on them, they realized that the only way to help Eldwinn would be to travel to the City of Brineven and engage a powerful cleric to regenerate the hand.

The morning of the 20th, Hrun took some time to speak to his overseer and Malgosa to discuss the next upgrades to the Outpost. He also made it clear that the Outpost was “open for business” now that the main repairs had been completed. The party then gathered together and made their way back to Hillsboro.

In Hillsboro, Keegen was thrilled that the first level of his tower was completed and began talking to Ynvar about his second level. They had a short ceremony for Mario before each taking care of some business in town. Hrun as was his habit made for the back door of Lucky Landon’s and gave the innkeep’s wife Idele some coin and some friendly chatter. Keegen began recruiting for some tinkers and a Master Tinker to man his tower while he was away, even Eldwinn started recruiting some archers and a squad leader for Hrun’s outpost. Tostig made sure Clovis had the funds to pay himself and his men for the coming month. Drinking away his sorrows with his brother, Eldwinn and Hrun were approached by the druid Jaroo with an acolyte druid named Arnor to join them in their struggles.

On the holiday, Pelor’s Tithe (the summer solstice), Baron Brand invited the new companion, Valishar to his keep to discuss effective spell casting and extend the offer to exchange spells from the two wizards’ spellbooks. Brand also invited the party to the new keep to give them an overview of the capitol, his hometown and advise them on places to stay and sites to see. They also contracted with Colwin Alsbrow of Crystalvein Carters for a team to take them to Brineven the following day.

Leaving on the 21st, they spent two day son the road and arrived in the capitol midday on Fullsun the 23rd. Their first priority was to find rooms. Adran, Eldwinn, and Hrun rented a suite of rooms at the Silver Elm in Brinhenge Park, securing rooms with the elven innkeeper, Tuallis Gwenyth, while Keegen, Tostig, Valishar the new druidic acolyte Arnor and the teamster stayed at the Sword and Board in The Exchange – the business center of Brineven.. That evening, Adran, Eldwinn and Hrun made their way to the Temple of Silver Stars, where they were introduced to a powerful priestess of Calistria, Shal Lurrilas with long purple hair and eyes of molten silver, who agreed to ask Calistria for a regenerate spell the next morning for a spellcasting fee of 4,900 gp and the acceptance of a quest by Eldwinn to exact vengeance for his maiming. She offered to perform regenerate as a ritual right then if the companions would pay for her reagents, they chose to wait until morning.

The next morning, as Hrun, Eldwinn and Adran make their way to the Temple of Silver Stars, Valishar and Keegen head off on their own quest, to sell the loot they’ve acquired from the Temple and maybe gain an investor in their new domain.


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