The World of Arith

Another New Chapter Begins

Will new heroes arise?

It is Autumn, 2288, the 2nd 5th day of Brightleaf. The city of Sarten is about to have it’s annual Autumn Harvester’s Festival. Merchants from all around the Sarten region and beyond are coming to sell their goods before the long winter comes.

With these merchants, comes the need to hire laborers, bodyguards and mercenaries to protect the goods to be sold. And it is here that our adventures find themselves. Many of them in need of money to keep food in their bellies and a roof over their heads in the coming winter months.

Nolan Lawbringer is a young brash paladin wanting to show his mettle to be within the Queen’s Gendarmes. His skills and lineage make him perfect for the ranks. However, his brashness, especially toward women, holds him back.

Sarten’s High Priest of Torm, Erol Mubriquo, has requested Nolan for an assignment. A member of Erol’s congregation and loyal follower of Torm has asked for assistance protecting his wares when he brings them to Torm. Erol has asked Nolan to go to whichever taverns has people looking for work, to hire some adventures at 12 gold a day and meet this member at his farm. The member’s name is Brannigan and his farm is a half days walk out of town.

It takes awhile, but Nolan finds one of the few taverns that still have adventures in need of work. it is only a few days to the Harvester’s Festival and the pickings are slim.

Nolan enters, looks around and announces that he is looking for any man who is looking for work to speak up.

A warforged named Sig is the first to stand up, but he states to Nolan that he, nor his companion; the lovely yet shy Hydralitheyer; are men. He asks, “Do we count?”

Nolan carefully rephrases his words and includes any adventures. He also includes the pay per day. Somehow, he still manages to say a few brash words pertaining to Hydra’s womanhood.

Sig agrees to join, as his companion cradles her ferret and questions what he is getting them into. She lets Nolans words toward her go and trusts in Sigs judgement.

A young half-elf bard, who had been entertaining the crowd, also speaks up and agrees to the work. He introduces himself as the charming Finn Bjorgarson. His eyes and smile barely leave the direction of Hydralitheyer, who also happens to be half-elf.

Two others from the bar speak up as well. A human fighter from the Wildlands named Bran Strongbolt and a halfling druid, who dresses too finely to be seen as a druid, named Welby Thorngage.

Nolan hands out writs for the payment these adventures would get upon completion of their job and mentions that they will be heading out the next morning.

These newly grouped adventures turn in for the night in hopes of an easy paycheck.



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