The World of Arith

Dark Times in the Endeleu Mountains

The trail through the Endeleu mountains was rough, but the tracks were easy to follow. One night however, the group encountered a patrol of hobgoblins who were covering up the tracks the wagons left behind.

At first, the group tried to hide within their cave and Finn made an illusion to cover the entrance. It was working until a hobgoblin scout came upon the freshly put out camp fire.

As the hobgoblins searched around, Nolan decided he had had enough hiding and charged out to face them. The rest followed suit with arrows and magic flying out of the cave. Even with the upper hand, the fight was tough. Nolan, being the stout paladin, barely was being touched even when surrounded, but he was having issues hitting back. Bran, ever the master archer, couldn’t quite hit the mark at times. Most of the group chalked it up for them being human and useless in the dark.

Lucky the shaman hobgoblin was the first to go down. Finn conjured a convincing hill giant illusion which distracted a few of them for a few seconds. The rest of the scout patrol went down after a time.

Searching the bodies, the adventurers found a note confirming the scout group was out to hide the wagon tracks. The group finished off their extended rest and he added deeper into the mountains.

It didn’t take them long to happen upon another patrol of hobgoblins. However this group was more a guard post then a patrol. The group easily dispatched the guards and the ones the were running away to warn others.

Further down the road, the adventures found that the tracks split up. The wagon tracks kept moving down the trail, while severAl hobgoblin tracks moved down a trail to the south and into a cave.

The group decided to enter the cave and finish off the hobgoblins. The y proceeded with much caution and sent Finn in first, as severAl members did not have sight that would help them in darkness.

Finn did well sneaking in and out to report a patrol just within the cave entance in an alcove. They charged in an attacked the guards. The fight was swift. But to the south, a shaman hobgoblin fired spells their way. With the shaman were two orcs.

Finn fired back with faerie fire to illuminate these new enemies for his human paladin ally. The shaman and remaining orc ran down a West corridor and the group gave chase.

The orc was mowed down with ease, but the shaman made it to the very large cavern to warn the rest of the hobgoblin fighters that they we under attack.

The fighting ensued. Welby changed into a giant spider and spider climbed to hobgoblin archers to attack. Nolan charged right on in and and blocked any hobgoblin from getting behind him. Bran, still not used to the dark cavern, was having trouble hitting his target. Both Sig and Hydra unlesashed their magic on the hobgoblin that were out of reach of Nolan.

Finn got himself in a bit of trouble when he tried to take on the shaman alone. Welby lost his spider form from to many hits, but the group managed to survive and defeat the hobgoblins.

But they could not rest, as they found another natural stone bridge over the underground river and sounds of chanting coming from the cave beyond.

Finn snuck over the bridge to check to see what he could see within. He could see only so far in, but he made out two hobgoblins ready to attack anyone who tried to enter the cavern. Finn went back and reported to the others what he could see.

Nolan, unafraid to move on, was the first to charge over and attack. The rest followed and soon they were able to overwhelm the hobgoblins. As they pored into the cavern, they spotted where the chanting was coming from. Deeper in the cavern was a large deep hole and beyond that was a hobgoblin shaman at a sacrificial table. A dwarf was on the table cut open and it’s blood draining down into the large hole.

To the left of the cavern, two other dwarfs were chained to poles.

Bran, who could not see in the darkness, tried to fire arrows in the direction of the chanting to stop it, but missed several times. The others were dispatching the other hobgoblins.

When the hobgoblin stopped his chanting, he screamed, “Come gifts of the Daughters. Come feast and kill!”. Those were his final words as the adventures with darkvision were able to take him down.

Two Black Dragon Wyrmlings emerged from the hole seeking food. Luckly for the group, the wyrmlings emerged on the far side of the hole and began to feast on the dead dwarf. But instead of leaving the dragon alone to their supper, the adventures decided to attack them. Their attacks only aggravated them to turn and attack the group.

The first to go down from the dragons breath was Welby, then Finn took a major hit and went down. Bran, normally reliable to attack with his bow, just seemed to keep missing the wyrmlings. Finn soon went down from the other dragon.

Nolan would soon join the fight with the wyrmling after dispatching the last hobgoblin and called upon Torm to to destroy such evil. Torm answered as Nolan’s sword cleaved clean through the neck of the first wyrmling. Balfor, one of the dwarves the party had saved, released his anger on the other wyrmling for the finishing blow.

Once all was cleared, the group moved back out of the cavern and over to one of the campfires to rest. When they figured out that they would not be disturbed, the took the time to rest for the night.



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