The World of Arith

Into the Darkoak Forest

Flocktime, 3rd Ten-day

The drow and their minions were in the process of creating a teleportation portal to whichever deep realm they hailed when Brost and his newfound allies charged into the cave. While Rampage was able to charge past the two Darkland bugbears, the others were blocked until Feldmar was able to push them out of the way with his halberd. The drow proved much tougher and more mobile than the two bugbears, but the young drow were no match for the seasoned warriors. While Brager and Rampage interrupted the portal caster, Brost, Feldmar and Ortho kept the other drow and their bugbears busy.

The portal caster went down quickly, followed soon by another drow youngblood. As soon as the second drow was killed the third attempted to escape, explaining to the surface dwellers that they had angered House Haagentor and their lord Haagenti. Ortho however had other ideas. Placing lightning walls up to block the exit, Ortho stopped the fleeing drow, and the party soon finished him off.

Gathering the commander’s body, the five allies headed back to the main passage and Dorna’s caravan.

It took another day and a half to make the journey to Bundhausen.

Fullsun, 1st Ten-day

After waiting a day in Bundhausen for a caravan to Jurault, Brost was finally in the tunnels again. Spending the night in Jurault, the dragonborn finally completed the last leg of his journey home to Krall. Unfortunately, the journey took longer than expected. All dragonborn who wanted to compete for the Blood of Io and become a Scion of Arkhosia needed to register before the first of Fullsun. Spending a day with Clan Loremark Elders, Brost was able to get his petition before the council of Elders. Ghesh of Astarin, Rhogar of Flamebrow, Akros of Warbringer and Mishann of Spellscale voted against allowing Brost to compete, while Daar Silversea, Nadarr of Loremark, Thava Moonscale and Kriv of Bloodbane voted in favor of Brost. For the first time in years, the choice now went to the aged Keeper of the Arena, Laram, and Brost was allowed into the competition.

Sequestered with the other four contestants, Brost was unable to meet with his sister Selucis to receive the information he had requested about the other contestants.

Torra, Diego and Elias
Having freed the great spirit below, at least for a time, Torra and Diego were resting in the Red Horse Inn when Elias walked in, done with his quest at the Shrine of Odin. Elias watched with amusement as an inebriated Diego attempted to push himself on the skald Lysa of Amael to no avail. After getting as much of the story of his adventures as she could, the skald left, muttering under her breath something about “no better than Kurson”. The three then spent the night swapping stories of their adventures since separating.

The next day, they chose to ride out to Varnhold to meet Zin. The two-day trip gave them the chance to talk and plan their next moves. Elias needed to enter the ruins of the elven city deep in the Darkoak, and they hoped that Zin would be able to lead them there.

Arriving at Varnhold, they found that in the two months since they had left the village, most of the buildings had been repaired and the community looked whole again. However, the greeting they received from most of the villagers was not welcoming. Townsfolk hid their heads or looked away from them. if they waved to a person, that wave was returned half-heartedly. The scars of Vordekai seemed to run deep. Seeing the smoke of cooking fires from the blockhouse, the party moved through the village to meet the new laird.

Firan of Turen seemed friendly enough, he introduced them to his wife Haelga and a few of his children. As they spoke to the laird, they discovered that he had instituted a council of sorts to help him lead the village, and they also discovered that an eladrin matching the description of Zin was spending his days at the Waterhorse Inn.

Excusing themselves, they found Zin at the Inn. He was speaking with a Jendarri woman who wore blood-red leathers and a braid down the length of her back. Her longbow and quiver sat close at hand. She was questioning Zin about the vanishing and their adventures. When Diego and Torra entered, she introduced herself as Nauma Bloodarrow, a ranger in the service of Laird Firan.

Zin brought his three companions, accompanied by Nauma, out to his camp where they were reintroduced to Xamanthe. Though he tried to talk Xamanthe into peace with the humans of Varnhold, the centaur let him know that the humans had killed and skinned members of her tribe in the recent past. A truce would be possible, but peace would never be.

Xamanthe let the other know that she had been instructed to show Zin the ruins of the elven city of Telementari, although the Prince in Green neglected to say Zin couldn’t bring others with him. After saying goodbye to Nauma, the five of them headed off to the Darkoak.

Making their way through the forest, the five companions narrowly avoided being caught in an ambush by a group of werecreatures. The weretiger leader and her four werewolf companions hit them hard and fast, but were unable to surprise them. Though the beasts hit hard, the companions hit harder and soon the weretiger and two werewolves lay dead, the others fleeing as fast as their four legs could carry them.



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