The World of Arith

On the Road...with Goblins....

It was almost a days walk to the farm of their employer. However, the trail was not as easy as it seemed.

Halfway there and our adventures ran into a gang of Goblins that awaited for them in ambush. This was the first time the adventures had fought together and it almost did not go so well.

Hydra and Sig, being young sorcerers, stayed in the back and slightly behind a big tree firing off their spells. Nolan charged forward with little regard for support to take on the leader of the goblin band. Bran showed his skill with his bow, but took several crossbow bolts in the process. Finn and Welby also took nicks and bruises as the group was spread apart.

But it did not take long for them to find their stride. Welby entangled the leader and two other goblins while Finn Inspired Nolan with tales of his god Torm. Soon the adventures dispatched the goblins and rested (while looting of course). They found on the leader, Bergrat, a note that read in Hespruar, “Bergrat, I entrust you and your Goblin clan to patrol the roads to the farn while we take what we seek, as well as hostages.”

Even though they were worried for their employer, they took a rest to deal with the many wounds they received before moving on. they did not want head to the farm without being prepared.



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