The World of Arith

Taking on the Hobgoblins

Fullsun – Second Tenday

After returning to their own shallow cave, Luinwe found that his offerings had been taken. The night was again uneventful and the next morning they began the trek back to the valley after Luinwe replenished his small offerings.

As they approached the valley, they discussed the best way to assault the hobgoblin lair. They had three ways in that they knew of. The stairway near the goblin entrance, the secret door further in the goblin caves and the cave mouth gaping above goblin cave in the valley.

Taking some time to observe the valley they saw an orc patrol appear in the southern caves above the empty kobold lair, but they chose to stay with the original plan and raid the hobgoblin caves. Combing through the goblin lair, they found evidence that the something had been through them. The caltrops on the stairway were gone and the ogre cave had been opened. Deciding that the secret door was too far into the goblin caves, and there was too much of a risk of being surrounded, they chose the stairway.

Listening carefully, Luinwe determined that the hobgoblins didn’t seem to be waiting for anything. They seemed to be talking normally beyond the door. Maybe their ruse of leaving scraps of the kobold livery among the goblins worked. Bursting into the hobgoblin room, they found that the hobgoblins had their weapons close at hand. The five hobgoblins in the room were no match for the party and quickly fell. Searching the area, they noticed that this room was set to hold fifty or so hobgoblins. Like the goblins and kobolds, the hobgoblins had vacated the area in the last few weeks, leaving behind only a fraction of their forces.

Scouting further in, Luinwe soon began to hear groaning and cries of pain, from human sounding voices. Following the passage, he led the group to the hobgoblin torture chamber. There two hobgoblins had a human woman strapped to a bench, while three other humans were manacled to the walls of the chamber along with an orc and a gnoll. Charging in, they defeated the two torturers and released the human captives. After attempting to question the orc, Feolas grew annoyed and slew the creature while it was still manacled. The gnoll began insulted the pitiful humans until Nova grew angry enough to release it and challenged it to a clash of blades. After circling each other for a few seconds, the gnoll lunged and soon found itself dead at Nova’s feet.

The human woman introduced herself as Anara. She and her husband Finn were traveling through Darcos from Brieven and down to Sarten with their guards Eddard and Peyrot when they were assaulted by the hobgoblins and taken captive.

Though Anara, Eddard and Peyrot seemed somewhat capable, Finn was a babbling mess. The group decided to take them back to their cave and return later that day.



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