The World of Arith

The Epistles of Tostig III

Dearest Toldara,

I hope this missive finds your family in happy spirits and healthy dispositions! I miss you all deeply. My adventures have taken me beyond my wildest aspirations. I have become a sworn bannerman of Brand, Baron of the Kron Hills. I have built a modest hall here in Hillsboro with a fine lab, of which I took your advice and used a low density ceramic for better heat ablation the fusinator. In addition to my boon companions I have developed a small cadre of men at arms sworn to me. I have even cleaned up old Clovis and got him out of His cups. There is a very real promise of more land, followers, and possibly Title. I beg you come here, take your family and inhabit my halls. Run my operation here in Hillsborro. Let me make Hrothgor the Captain of my fighting men! Big things are coming sister! Help me restore the honor of our family name that vile retch of a brother squandered away. I await your reply



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