The World of Arith

You Got the Dwarf, Now get the Machine

Finally in Sarten, the adventures stopped at a finer tavern then the one they had first gone to the day they all met. Fresh with gold from their spoils, the adventures sat down and ate a well deserved meal. Many of the group talked to Brannigan in his native tongue. This frustrated Nolan as he did not know many languages and every time someone looked his way, he thought they were talking about him (sometimes they were).

Brannigan noted that he needed to see the High Priest of Torm and that is was Nolan’s job to represent him. He also recognized Sid as a weapon during the Whitecrown Mountain Wars. Though it was late in the day, they all agreed to go see the high priest.

During the meeting with Erol, the high priest, Nolan showed his ill manners by neither kneeling before the high priest or presenting himself in the manner of a paladin of Torm. Nolan took a moment to correct himself and then presented Brannigan.

After a lengthy talk on what had happen at the farm, high priest Erol decided to take this matter up with members of the royal court. He instructed the adventures, after paying them, to stay around as he may have need of them. He offered Brannigan and his servant a place to stay and pray at the temple and instructed Nolan to go back to his training and teaching till it was time that Erol called upon him.

For the next week, the others moved around the city, either garnering influence among the locals, or seeking simple labor jobs to get some pay. Soon Erol called them back to the temple to explain their next move. This time when they met with the high priest, Nolan correctly went through the formalities.

The high priest instructed Nolan and his group to make their way to Saxau. There have been rumors from hunters and trappers of a hobgoblin war band crossing through the forest a few days out of Saxau. He introduces Alda Sunder, a shifter shaman who is to accompany them.

The group boards a ship headed to Saxau to shorten the distance they have on the war band. Bran spends most of those days at sea sick and over the rails. Welby, not used to ships, combated his occasional sickness by changing in to some animal form or another that did not mind the motion.

They arrive at Saxau with little incident, aside from sea sick passangers. Soon they settled into a tavern. Finn worked the room with his songs. The rest listened for stories from the hunters and trappers that came in and out of the taverns.

It did not take long for a drunkard trapper to come in and drink more of his sorrows of lost equipment and furs by a band of nasty hobgoblins. Nolan moved over to him and began buying drinks for the trapper to tell his story. The trapper, to drunk to concentrate, mumbled most of his words. Nolan, not having it, took the trapper outside, apologized to the horses and promptly dunked the trapper in the water trow. This however did not sober him up, but instead he passed out.

Disappointed, Nolan and the group payed for rooms (which Hydra made sure she had a room alone and had Sig outside her door). Nolan tied the man to the bed of the room Nolan bought (to which many of the other adventures snickered at).

The next day, the man awoke and agreed to take the group halfway to the area of his campsite, which was a few days out, but that was as far as he would go. The group agreed and left as soon as they could.

The travel was going well, til one night with Sig on guard, the group was attacked by three very hungry giant frogs. It was not going well for the group as Bran and their guide had been swallowed whole by two of the frogs. However, the group recovered and managed to rescue those that were swallowed.

After a few days they found the campsite and found the tracks of a few wagons and hobgoblin. They followed them North West into the Endeleu Highlands.



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