• Brand


    Lord-Mayor Brand of Hillsboro is of average height and has short black hair and piercing blue eyes.
  • Brost Valdur

    Brost Valdur

    6'8" golden scaled proud bearing dragonborn cleric
  • Calmert


    This young, blonde cleric has short hair.and hazel eyes.
  • Clovis Barbarossa

    Clovis Barbarossa

    This older dwarf has seen better days. His red nose and red eyes contrast poorly with the graying of his red hair and beard.
  • Diego el Smithson of Caer Rivermeet

    Diego el Smithson of Caer Rivermeet

    A tall, chubby, but powerfully built young adult of mixed Calastani/Jendari blood. He has dark skin and curly dark hair. Easily noticed are the callouses, scars, and burns that are the tell-tale signs of a youth spent around a forge.
  • Felix "Fix" Castor

    Felix "Fix" Castor

    Quick of Wit & Full of Charm. Alway where you least expect him. Never where he should be.
  • Fhiele Ranahan

    Fhiele Ranahan

    This middle-aged Jendarri woman may once have been a stunning beauty, but age and hardship show on her face and in her manner.
  • Jaroo


    Jaroo is a slightly eccentric Jendarri male with brown hair and beard. He tends the Grove in Hillsboro.
  • Lady Elandria Moonfire

    Lady Elandria Moonfire

    This youthful half-elven woman favors black gowns sewn with silver thread. Glittering rings decorate her fingers, and a silver amulet hangs regally from her neck.
  • Nork Shortwart

    Nork Shortwart

    Repented Theiving Halfling Now Sees The Light
  • Nova Crystallis

    Nova Crystallis

    Young noble Duelist
  • Ondath


    This mature-looking elf scowls at you as you try and get his attention.
  • Pagu of Owlshead

    Pagu of Owlshead

    "You don't want to see my Version of Aggressive Diplomacy"
  • Reynulf


    Sherriff Reynulf has shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. He moves with the grace of a skilled woodsman.
  • Tharak Guldenson

    Tharak Guldenson

    This rough and tumble dwarf looks like he hasn't showered or cleaned up in years.
  • Torra Sunder

    Torra Sunder

    Young shaman of the Jendarri