Balfor Brunswulf

Dwarven Barbarian noble from Rimeholt


Balfor grew up in the northern most canton of Draglamore, named Rimeholt. He was the 5th son of Lord Cratus of clan Brunswulf, the Master of Tunnels of Draglamor and as a boy, Balfor felt that he was not as valued as his older brothers, always being pushed aside out of the way as if he could do nothing right.

Growing up Balfor was an inattentive student and often went out to explore the city instead of sitting for lessons. He determined the commoners were much more fun than the nobles and could come up with such great… “entertainments”. As time passed, Balfor became well known at the game halls and cough houses of pleasure. And while he was still unable to gain the approval of his father he did become friends with a few guards and a young noble named Wilda Swimgore, who was apprenticing as a scribe.

As Balfor came of age he tried, once more, to gain his lord father’s approval by joining the Order of the White Wolf but only received the cold shoulder. This angered Balfor and on the first day of training, during a sparring match, he almost killed another trainee, before he was pulled off, and was immediately kicked out and told he was unsuited for the ranger order. He spent some time trying to figure out his path and went around looking for an apprenticeship but was constantly turned away.

Finally, one day Balfor was drinking and talking with his friends, when an obscure memory from those troublesome lessons came back to him. He remembered historic accounts of adventurers going around and becoming famous for their feats. And surely if he became a famous adventurer and brought honor to the clan, his father would finally acknowledge him.

Balfor Brunswulf

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