Beinir Brooker

Human wizard from Petrovia. White hair and purple eyes.


Human wizard standing 5 foot 10 inches with white here and skin and purple eye


From the moment he was born, Beinir’s parents new he was going to be someone special for he was born with snow white hair and eyes that seemed to glow purple at times.

Beinir was enjoying his childhood, growing up in the Petrovian region of the Northern Reaches of the continent of Caldonia next to a stream about a day from the sea, when some bandits came and ransacked their home. Some of the bandits were closing in on Beinir and his parents when Beinir, angry and scared, closed his eyes and yelled at the bandits to leave them alone, unleashing a great force out from where he was.

When he opened his eyes the bandits around them were slumped on the ground but his parents had also been thrown and were not getting up. Beinir ran to his mother and was shaking her trying to get her to wake up when the other bandits noticed and started running at him. They were almost upon Beinir when and older man appeared. The older man stuck his hands out and fire was unleashed from his fingertips and burned the bandits to death.
The older man was named Myrdin, a skilled half elven wizard. Myrdin had seen what happened and took Beinir with him and started teaching him the arcane arts. They wandered around and Beinir was taught how the different elements interact and how to control and manipulate magic.

After years of this traveling and tutelage from his master Myrdin, Beinir thought that their abilities would be better suited among society, protecting people. Not in seclusion just refining their spells. They got into an argument and that night Beinir grabbed his pack, spellbook, and a few extra materials he might need and left in search for where he was needed.

It was during one of his many travels protecting a caravan that Breinir was captured by a band of Drow elves and taken as a slave into the Underdark.

Beinir Brooker

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