Lord-Mayor Brand of Hillsboro is of average height and has short black hair and piercing blue eyes.


Brand has short black hair and bright blue eyes. He would be considered average except for his intensity. He is fastidious to a fault, enjoying the finer things in life, and is extremely well-read. Sometimes he forgets that the local villagers don’t quite have his vocabulary.


Ten years ago, Brand brought together a group of like-minded adventurers to scour the Brineven countryside and “free their country from the hold of lawlessness”. Brand’s Badgers, as they became known, largely operated out of the village of Hillsboro – the home of his ranger Reynulf. Together with the fighter Otis, the Priestess of Pelor Y’day and the half-elven rogue who called herself Murfles, they became largely responsible for a reduction in brigandage and humanoid raiding in the Kron Hills.

All of that earned them the emnity of a half-orc brigand lord named Smigal Redhand. Four years ago, Smigal and her band of men gathered a huge force of bandits and prepared a trap for the Badgers. Unfortunately the trap backfired and Brand’s Badgers ended up slaying much of this huge force and routing the rest, including Smigal.

For their heroics, Brand was made Lord-Mayor of Hillsboro, while Reynulf was given the opportunity to join the Feryth Aran – the Royal Rangers of Brineven once he was deemed ready. Y’Day, also from Hillsboro, was given leave to build a Sun Fane Temple in Hillsboro and named Canon – a title rarely bestowed on women in the church. Murfles and Otis passed by any titles or appointments, settling down in the community now run by their friends.

Otis left Hillsboro a few years ago, and Canoness Y’Day and Murfles left soon after, with Y’day turning the Temple over to a Calastani raised cleric named Terjon. Brand has since begun construction of a proper castle to defend the village.


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