Diego el Smithson of Caer Rivermeet

A tall, chubby, but powerfully built young adult of mixed Calastani/Jendari blood. He has dark skin and curly dark hair. Easily noticed are the callouses, scars, and burns that are the tell-tale signs of a youth spent around a forge.


Unaligned Human Fighter 3

Age: 18 Height: 6’4" Weight: 310 lbs Complexion: Dark Brown Eyes: Green Hair: Black

Backgrounds: Urban, Artisan, Military (Athletics +2),

str 18 con 16 dex 11 int 11 wis 12 chr 8

Move: 5

Languages: Avanorran, Trade Cant, Kazdan

AC: 21 Ref: 15 Fort: 19 Will: 14

HP: 48 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 12

Skills: Athlethics +10, EnDurance +7, Intimidate +5, Streetwise +5

Combat Style: Battlerager Vigor

At will: Crushing surge, Cleave, Tide of Iron

Encounter: Covering Strike, Sweeping Blow

Daily: Lasting Threat

Utility: Defensive Stance (daily)

Feats: Toughness, Improved Vigor, Weapon Epertise: Axes

Gear: Razor Scale Mail 1, Heavey Shield, 2 Javelin (7), Hand Axe (9), Battle Axe of Terror +1 (10), Great Axe (9) Dagger (10), Standard Adventures Kit, Baffling Cape, Everburning torch


A crass and restless youth blessed with talent at the forge, imbued with the strenght of an ox, and cursed with the desire to use none of it for anything boring and civil. Diego dreams of leaving the crafting of nails, horseshoes, and other boring and useless items for the Caer, Cantrevs, and Thorpes behind. He dreams of taking up the arms and armour his family crafts for local Lord and men-at-arms to find his own glory and wealth! He has secrely won enough money in prizefights and wrestling matches around town to craft himself some arms, armour, and some basic equipment. With or without his familly’s permisson, he intends to run off and join the 1st caravann guard cadre, band of men at arms, or adventuring company that will have him.

Diego’s only release from the tedium of the forge is when the local millita drill or are called to citzens watch. No one rellishs the crash of shields in the front lines or cracking of heads in bars like Diego. Its the only time you get to shout obscenities at people and blow snot on them and be told, “good job”. None of the youths in town have quite the rage of this yound man. Most attribute it to his mother Maura and her Jendari blood. It gives him a less then graceful but quite fearsome combat style. His potential displayed at the last drill caught the eye of the local resident Lord Sherrif, Dugan Narros, who understands the use of less then scruplous tactics to keep Lord Hawkmoon’s Domain running smoothly. He notes to make use out of the young beast of a man and his zeal for battle, when the time arises.

Diego’s family started leaving Calastan a generation befor the fall of Avanor. An ancestor dared to preach to a Cardnial of the Sun Fane that Moradin might be just as important as Pelor and Erathis to civil society. For this heresy his tounge was cut out and his family was branded with suspicion. They slowly left the city state and found refuge far to the north in the budding town of Caer Rivermeet. They quickly became part of the town establishment. They are the largest extended family in Caer Rivermeet. The Smithsonian clan now numbers nearly 70 strong. His family’s humialtion and exodus from Calastan was a story heard by Diego a thousand times over in the forge, leaving a bitter taste for Erathis, Pelor, and anything of “Pure Castalani” culture (execpting the women, of course).

Not a particualrly religious boy, Diego claims no particular god as his sole patron. He frenquently honors and pays service to both Kord and Moradin in his daily life. He also has a good bit of repect for the ancestor and spirit worship of his mother’s people. It just touches somethimng primal inside him.

Just after Diego’s 16th birthday he convinced Lord Sherrif Narros to get him a spot in the next basic training class for Hawkmoon’s army, against his family’s wishes. Desspite his amzing strenght and brutal combat skills, he did not fit in particually well in the phalanx division of the regular army. He was then moved to the irregular shocktrooper division where he started to flourish. Unfortunatly, his career in the army came to a screeching halt when he got into an arguement with luitentat and broke his shoulder, jaw, and orbital bone. Diego was dishonorablly discharged and sent to the brig for 6 months.

Too angry and embarrased to go home, Diego was on the verge of depression upon release from the brig. But luckily waiting for Diego upon his release was an agent of Lord Sherrif Narros. He carried a letter of introduction to Lessyna, the Guildmistress of Courtesans. Upon presenting it to her, Lessyna provided Diego with a room and a job as a bouncer. He has worked for Lessyna for almost a year now. Occasionally he has other “jobs” asked of him and his eyes have been opened to a whole new world.

Diego has worked in the House of Red Lanterns for just over a year now, and despite his famillial love for Lyssena and her staff he is starting to get the itch for adventure and glory. While he is not above cracking a rowdy patron’s skull or going to a merchant to offer thinly veiled threats for payment of illict goods and services recieved, he truely seeks glory not just action.

Diego el Smithson of Caer Rivermeet

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