Urchin Half Elf Sorceress


Hydralitheyer, or Hydra for short, grew up getting by on her own in the streets of Vercennes. She didn’t trust anyone, they never give her a reason to. Her mother, a human named Aurora, went into hiding after finding out she was with child by a noble Elven embassidar of the Loupenholt Forest. He was a high elf, with high prestige, and it was forbidden for him to be with anyone not in the royal court. Hydra grew up not knowing him, and barely knowing her mother in her love struck depression. Hydra hit the streets stealing to get by on her own.

After her mother passed, she was noticed by an old sorcerer, who told her she has something special within her. His name was Master Petri Mordane. He taught her to do some amazing things with the talent she had that she was still unsure of. He kept saying to her, “you were born with it”.

During their travels, they came across an ancient dwarven stronghold in the Kingdom of Draglenor. The group they tagged along with were a few archaeologists studing ancient artifacts.

Petri was very excited anytime they found something new. He found some things of interest that he wouldn’t show many of the others. Hydra heard him mumbling about the importance of these things quite often. They also found what Petri called a warforge. It was a living machine that had been buried hundreds of years ago during the Dawn Wars and they had freed it. The warforge called himself Sig.

One day, Hydra woke up to find all the scrolls they had found gone, along with some seige weapons notes… and master Petri. Unable to find him, Hydra and Sig have been wandering through cities and wastelands, looking for a new purpose. A new hope. A new master.


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