Keegen Dugal

Gnome Summoner


Keegen is a curious and lively fellow. He was born the middle child of a family of Toy Makers and Engineers. Just like the rest of his family, he spent his younger years entertaining the children of the local towns and villages. However, Keegen started to find more interest in languages from all races and around the world. To his fathers disliking he would for go his part in the family business and seek adventure in the art of languages, even those of the mystical order.

During his travels, Keegen came upon a interesting guild of summoners. Using their ancient arts, he summoned his eidolon; whom he called Zifrit. Keegen used his time with the summoners to further his language studies and had lately taken an interest in stories of powerful potions from other Alchemists in the world.

Keegen had decided to try and search out some of these Alchemists and Magic Users. His first start to his adventure turned bad when on his way to Torka to see an apothecary of some interesting potions. On the road, he was ambushed by a band of hobgoblins and goblins. He was taken to their home and tossed into a dungeon. His poor eidolon was banished with a powerful curse and After days in the dungeon, he was dragged into a room and set into a pit to be sacrificed.

Had it not been for the heroic efforts of a band of adventures attacking the underground place, Keegen would be dead. But alas, he was saved and joined the group in fighting the hobgoblin king and his minions.

He has decided to stay with the adventuring group in hopes they will come across things that could interest him, such as alchemy, on their trips. He has also become fond of Hillsboro and plans to settle down there.

Keegen Dugal

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