Sherriff Reynulf has shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. He moves with the grace of a skilled woodsman.


Sherriff Reynulf has shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. He is slightly taller than most men in Hillsboro which gives him an ever-so-subtle advantage when trying to intimidate the local miscreants. Even with studded leathers and his dual swords, he makes very little noise when he enters or leaves an area. The locals have started using the phrase, “When Reynulf Smiles” when they want to say something is unlikely to happen.


Reynulf grew up in Hillsboro, although the village was even smaller than it is now. He learned woodcraft and stealth from his father Halmed, an experienced hunter and tracker of the hills. Wanting something more for himself, Reynulf joined the local militia and trained himself in swordplay while perfecting his skills as a tracker. About ten years ago, Reynulf met up with an intense young man named Brand – who had a vision of clearing the hills of brigands and humanoids. The two became fast friends and soon gathered like-minded companions. Reynulf convinced his childhood sweetheart, Y’Day, now an aspiring cleric of the Sun Fane in Brineven, to join their quest and they were soon joined by Otis and Murfles.

With Brand’s leadership, they started to make good on his promise and cleared out many nests of bandits and humanoid lairs. Soon everyone was calling the group Brand’s Badgers. About four years ago, they heard of a large force of bandits drawing together to wage war on Hillsboro. The Badgers fell into the trap, but the bandits were no match for the seasoned adventurers. Soon every bandit not dead was fleeing. After some careful investigations and interrogations, they learned that the mastermind of the attack, a half-orc female named Smigal Redhand escaped in the chaos.

Brand was made Lord-Mayor of Hillsboro for their success and Reynulf was named Sherriff of the Kron Hills. He was also given the opportunity to join the Feryth Aran, the Royal Rangers of Brineven, once he completed certain tasks and showed he was ready. Reynulf is starting to believe that he will soon be ready to leave Hillsboro for his next career.


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