Torra Sunder

Young shaman of the Jendarri


Age: 19 Height: 5’7” Weight: 137 lbs Complexion: Tannish Brown Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown

Backgrounds: Omen (+2 Arcana), Forest

Languages: Common, Elvin, Trader Tongue

Spirit Companion: Lioness Spirit (Shiva)

At will: Call Spirit Companion, Spirit Shield, Haunting Spirits, Protecting Strike

Encounter: Healing Spirit 2/Encounter, Speak With Spirits, Certain Threat, Bonds of the Clan, Spring Spirit Renewal, Avenging Light, Assistance of the Strong Spirit

Daily: Spirit of the Healing Flood, Wind of Pain and Succor

Feats: Vigorous Spirit; Superior Implement Training; Acolyte of Divine Secrets, Versitile Expertise

Wealth: 291g 356s

Gear: Leather Armor 2, Spear (5), Mace (+4), Standard Adventures Kit, Farseeing Hungry Spirit Totem (Implement +1 Att/ +2 Dmg)

Contacts: Content Not Found: 115871


A Jendarri hunting party found Torra Sunder when she was just a newborn. Her parents caravan was ravaged by an unknown creature, killing everyone, save for Torra herself. It did not take long as to why Torra was spared the blood shed, when a young shaman; Tal’Than, sensed the presense of a strong spirit protecting the baby from harm till she could be found.

Tal’Than and the hunting party took Torra to Berwyn, the first community of the Jendarri. There, Tal’Than brought Torra to the elder shaman Dal’Anegra. Her knowledge in the ways of the spirit world were highly sought after. It was she who determined that the spirits had their reasons for Torra’s survival and told Tal’Than that she must learn the ways of the spirits. Tal’Than agreed to this and adopted Torra as one of his own. Though he was human and she a shifter, they grew as a family.

Torra learned the ways of the shaman. Her spirit, which she called Shiva, stayed by her side for every growing year. In time, on Torra’s 19th year, she was given her vision to walk the world and seek our her destiny. Her gift from Dal’Anegra was a spirit totem of the ever watchful lioness. This totem was made of wood with a top designed out of a lioness’ head and from the bottom of the head, to the bottom of the totem itself, was covered in lions’ fur.

Torra said her goodbyes to Tal’Than and the others who cared for her and made her way to Hawkmoon City.

Torra Sunder

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