Tostig Moonstone of Brineven

Sturdy built dwarf with dark hair and green eyes.. Beard is in multiple braids


Tostig son of Togarath son son of Togaius son of Tobaron of Clan Moonstone. Formerly of Highforge this clan is remarkably skilled at alchemy. Family legends place connect the ancestors of the clan to the refinement of liftgas, the substance that enables the famous dwarven airships to sail the sky. Tobaron moved south to the Empire in his youth to make a career and settled in Brineven and though respecting the traditions of dwarven society the clan is thoroughly Avanoran.

Togarath was the patriarch of the family during the breakup of the Empire. Even at an advanced age he became a hero at the battle of Marston. His skill at alchemy helped on both the offensive and defensive. Five years ago Togarath passed away suddenly and his eldest son Toguron took over the family alchemy shop. A suspect will was found that left little to nothing for the younger children, Tostig and his sister Toldara besides the salaries they had from the family business. Vowing to never work under his lazy and less skilled brother Tostig decided to become an adventurer. He Took the vows of Moradin the Soul Forger and Maker of Makers and trained under a disgraced and drunken refugee of Darcos named Clovis Barbarossa, a former hospitalier of some forgotten Order. After several years of training he is heeding the calls for heroes from the new Lord of Hillsboro to find glory and wealth as an adventurer

Tostig Moonstone of Brineven

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