Murkelmor's Notes on the Emissary

This set of scrolls is written in Khazad and sealed for the Thane's reading only.


Great Thane Murkelmor,

The following is a detailed report on the activities and alleged activities of Breven Foss – The Emissary.

This human chaos mage came to us with big plans and even bigger boasts. He claims to be an emissary of several Titan Lords who have banded together in a attempt to resurrect an Elder Titan, which we commonly call a Primordial.

It was your masterful coaxing of the information from the mage that gave us many of the leads needed to research this thoroughly Sire, but even so, our information is scattered and incomplete.

The Primordial these Titans wish to resurrect is none other than Piranoth, thought to be the creator and master of the various giantfolk. He used various references throughout the interview that allow us to surmise an earth, fire and frost titan lie at the heart of the conspiracy.

Foss’s actions now seem to be to cause as much chaos in the lands above as possible. On this side of the Deepcrowns, he has rallied the demon-worshipping gnolls and sent them on a quest for demonic artifacts to aid their war effort. He has rendered Elkridge useless as an ally by chopping off its head and setting two opposing factions against one another for leadership of the town. He has agitated the stone giants of Jorgenfist, always the least warlike of their kind. Closer to home, he has turned one of the Mages of Saruun against the others. It would be wise to reinforce Horned Hold against the coming chaos. He also claims to be responsible for the closing of Hammerfast, though we could gather no more information on that. We know of no other plots that Foss has in the works, but suspect more.

To the west of the Deepcrowns, Foss bragged about getting one of the northerners of a place called Varnhold to “awaken an ancient evil”, to throw the northerners into chaos and to the south, he riled up some foolish hobs and set them on the smaller towns of that domain. He supported those hobs through the Bloodreavers, who have been supplying us slaves for some time. He also claimed of helping the orcs wipe out the dwarven canton of Krongard in the Iron Hills. If he is to be believed, Krongard now is an orcish outpost and even has a spy in the human capital city. He also claims to have helped the hill giants establish a stedding also in the Iron Hills.

The question, Mighty Murkelmor, is Why. If he is able to gather a titan/giant army or resurrect Piranoth, why would he be concerned about the surface dwellers? Certainly none of them could hold a candle to the forces he will be able to array. The only clue our agents could find is Argent. I know not what or who Argent is or was, but Foss seems concerned about it (or him). None of our manuscripts or contacts, supernatural or natural could find more information on this, whatever it is must sealed away by powerful magic. The only other reference we could find is a brief notation that one of the minotaurs of Mistwatch used that word while in their cups some years ago. All of our attempts to reach Mistwatch through the Stone Forest have failed, victims of the forest have returned to us little more than howling beasts. What knowledge do they have? Actually, what kind of civilization – to use the term loosely – could minotaurs even build?

Your Respected Servant

Theurge Framarth


Murkelmor's Notes on the Emissary

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