Sehanine's Coin


Dozens or even hundreds of these coins have existed as far back as any history can tell. They are physically indistinct from common silver coins apart from their chains, but their nature is obvious to those who most closely feel Sehanine‘s distant love shining upon them. They are also commonly made for Sehanite faithful who wish to go unnoticed or who are not fully ordained members of divine classes. It is said that a bearer of the first coin shall one day mend the Moon‘s heart.

Lvl 3 +1 680 gp Lvl 8 +2 3,400 gp Lvl 13 +3 17,000 gp Lvl 18 +4 85,000 gp Lvl 23 +5 425,000 gp Lvl 28 +6 2,125,000 gp

Implement (Holy Symbol)

Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +1d6 damage per plus

Power (Daily): Immediate Reaction. You can use this power when an ally within 5 squares of you is hit by an effect that a save can end. The effect instead affects you. You gain a +5 power bonus on saving throws to end the effect.


Sehanine's Coin

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