The World of Arith

A Few Days in Vercennes

The trip to Vercennes dealt with only one encounter of a band of goblins. The goblins had set an ambush along the road and the group struggled to take care of them swiftly as the goblins were spread out. But in the end, the party succeeded in the fight.

Finn was soon himself while he was away from the dagger. The voice had lost its hold on him. It took a bit of convincing to the rest of the group he was fine.

It was not long till they entered the great city of Vercennes. They made their way to the nearest tavern and planned their next move. Welby decided to play cards with a bunch of drunks and see how far he could cheat them out of their money. Many of the others decided how far they could drink each other under the table. Needless to say, it did not go well for a few.

The group decided to rest a few days while the sorted through their newly aquired treasure. Bran used much of the party treasure to gain several pairs of darkvision googled for those who had trouble seeing in dark places.

During this time, Magister Keegan came to the tavern to find out what had happened to them since the last time they met. The group relayed their story to Keegan and explained how they were unable to track down the hobgoblins that took the flying machine. Alda filled in the few missing blanks.

Keegan was gracious the group came out alive and let them know there was still time to retrieve the stolen machine. He told the group that they could take some time to recoup, but they must soon be ready to leave when he requested for them, as the job was not finished. He also mentioned that it was time for Alda to move on to her next assignment.

The next day, the group went to the temple of Torm and had the curse upon Finn removed. The deamon that possessed Finn was none to pleased as he was banished wholly back into the dagger and the dagger was sent away to be destroyed.

It was then that a dwarven priest of Thor, an ancient God long forgotten in most parts, named Thurvold came into the temple to introduce himself and to announce that Keegan had sent him to join the adventuring party. Thurvold was looking for a party that would join him in searching for a lost monastery dedicated to Thor within Darcos. This monastery held a possible key to defeat the followers of Erythnul. Keegan happily pointed the priest to the adventures and mentioned they happen to be going the same way. If the adventures helped the priest on his quest, then the priest would help them in return. When the agreement was settled, along with a scolding again to Nolan for his slights to the priesthood hierarchy, the party made plans to leave the next day for Balenjyr.



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