The World of Arith

Another Day in the Dark Caverns

After a much needed long rest, the adventures discussed their next move. The dwarf they had saved, Balfor Brunswulf, mentioned that one of his other travelling companions was still imprisoned somewhere in the caverns. He also mentioned that he and his cohorts were tortured for information on the dwarves inventor Brannigan. Brannigan was a dear friend of the Brunswulf family up in Rimeholt.

Alda Sunder expresses sorrow as she mentions that she felt the presence of A recently deceased dwavern spirit when they had entered the caverns. The group decided to go back to the entrance to see if they could recover the body of the fallen cohort.

It didn’t take long for Finn to find the secret passage right were they defeated the hobgoblins guarding the entrance. A small suprise of giant rats were dispersed easily. They found the stone prison but did not have the key. The strong oak door did not budge no matter how many times they chopped into it.

They looked around and found another secret stone door and went through hoping to find they key somewhere else. However they came upon an underground temple to Erythnul, guarded by two skeleton soldiers.

The Adventures immediately went on the attack. The skeletons seemed smarter then expected and retreated into the temple. The group chased after the skeletons only to come face to face with a long dead Erythnal priest. Bran, Sig, Welby, and Nolan had trouble pinpointing the priest in the dark. But it didn’t matter as the fight came to them from skeleton warriors spilling out from the side corridors.

Nolan had not trouble holding off the skeletons coming out of one of the corridors. The others scramled around trying to take care of the rest as well as the priest and two other well dressed skeletal warriors. The group soon realized these were no ordinary skeletons as their bones were clean of any flesh and any piercing weapons nearly did damage.

But the adventures prevailed. A search of the priests body came up with a fine looking chain shirt. However their inspection of it showed some type of strong necromancy upon it.

A search of the place found on room locked. Finn used a key he found on the priest and they found a chest within the room. It contained many coins as well as a large gold coin with the image of Erythnul, a gold crown and a dagger that slowly dripped blood. Finn placed all items but the dagger into the groups bag of holding. That he kept for himself.

Soon Alda came up to the group and mentioned she found what looked like the prison key off of one of the dead hobgoblin guards at the entrance. They all went back to the prison room and opened the door to find Balfor’s companion beaten to death. Scrolled on the wall was a note by the dead dwarf of his confession that he gave all the info the Sisters of Erythnul needed to find Brannigan and his new flying machine.

Angered by the death of his cohort, Half of decided to join the adventures in stopping these evil sisters. The group decided to go deeper into the caverns. They soon came upon what could be considered a waystop and a rune protected archway that went deeper into the caverns. Sig deciphered the runes to be made by dark elves. He However could not determine their meaning.

Sig decided to try and enter the archway and received a nasty shock for his trouble. As this was going on Bran decided to try on the magic chain shirt they had found only to stop short of putting it all the way on as a draining sense came over him.

A voice suddenly was in Finns head as these two incidents happened. “So close to dying. It’s soul would have been nice.” It said when Sig was shocked, “Look at the poor fool putting on the curse. His soul sure will taste good.” was the happy whisper, only to sigh when Bran did not fully put the chain mail on.

Finn could not figure where the voice was coming from. He looked into the bag of holding thinking it was the coin that was giving off the voice….little did he know.

The group moved on once they had a chance to recoup from the archway. They followed another cavern tunnel and came upon banners of the Blooded Hand Orc tribe. Bran recognized this banner from the Orcs that slaughtered his villiage and family. It took all his will not to run down the cavern and kill whatever orcs he found.

It didn’t take long though for the group to run into those mentioned orcs. As the fight raged and the adventures overwhelmed the first round of orcs, the voice within Finn was becoming disappointed that such souls were being wasted. “Why are we not drinking them in?” it would ask. Finn tried to ignore it during the fight.

It was then that as the others fought the orcs into an underground building, that Finn snuck off further into the cavern to see what else could be found. He found himself within a room with three statues. Two statues were Ogres, each one in a far corner of the room. The third was a dwarven fighter looking like he had dropped his shield and was running away. With a little investigation, Finn realized the dwarven statue was on a rail and as soon as he replace the shield upon the statue, the dwarven fighter went from running to attacking the ogres. the bellies of the ogres opened up as the dwarven statue slashed by to reveal compartments within. Each compartment held a large 2 foot onyx chest. One chest was already open and empty, The other was locked. Finn decided to place the onyx chest into the bag of holding for later examination and decided to go back to the others. First he mad it look like he was in a terrible battle to get back to the group. All the while, the whisper in his head was disappointed they did not find souls.

Meanwhile, the other who were gaining ground into the building, were meet against an orc shaman who used the summoning circle before him to summon Abyssal Maws. The circle pulsed and two maws came out to attack. A few seconds later, two more showed up from the circle. The adventures beat them back and the shaman orc moved thru a magic mirror to escape. Sig, figuring they could not let the shaman escape, jumped into the mirror after him. When Sig found himself on the other side of the mirror, he was attacked immediately by orcs and worgs alike. It didn’t take long for him to go down. The shaman, intrigued by the sight of a warforged, decided to capture Sig alive then dead and dropped into a pit off of the main room for later examination. The shaman ordered the orcs to head down the cavern hall and take out the rest of the adventures.

Alas the others did not follow Sig once they finished off the Maws. They looked around the room once the circle stopped pulsing. Nolan went over to a desk that held silver cross symbols that looked to fit the etchings in the middle of the circle. Without warning, Nolan grabbed one of the symbols and walked to the center of the circle and placed it within the etching. Suddenly Nolan disappeared to be replaced by two abyssal maws as the circle pulsated to life. Welby shapeshifted into a dire wolf so he could take on the fight and take on more damage in protecting the others. The maws where soon dispatched and Nolan reappeared letting out the breath he had been holding while on a whole other plane.

Soon Finn returned looking worse for were saying he had been in a fight. His story was somehow confirmed when howls and footsteps were coming down the cavern he had just come from. Fearful that it was more than they could handle, they all decided to head thru the mirror that Sig had gone through.

Nolan went in first and then the rest, with Welby and Finn being the last. Welby, still being the large dire wolf barreled through the mirror and crashed into Alda and Finn, forcing Finns hands to be in places Alda was not impressed with. Another battle ensued as they encountered two shaman orcs.

During the fight, Balfor could hear outside the cavern room the orcs and worgs coming back from where the group had been. He decided to block the entrance and fight them there. Wleby and Hydra kept an eye on the mirror incase they decided to use it to attack.

Soon the orcs came around the corner and jumped all over Balfor. He held up as best he could in his raged state. Even Hydra moved into the fray, but she became to overwhelmed in the position she took. Then Finn pull out the dagger they had found and used it on one of the wounded orcs.

The dagger found its mark and came to life as it drained the life essence of the orc. Finn, suddenly caught off, became possessed by the voice in his head and attacked Balfor. The swing missed as Finn got control of himself and moved back into the room only to lose control again and attack Welby. This time he struck, weakening Welby and giving the daemon in his head more control.

Soon Bran, Alfa and Welby were fighting to pin down Finn; Hydra and Balfor were defending the door from a group of orcs; Sig was down a well, and Nolan was finishing off the Shaman orcs.

It looked hopeless for awhile, but they soon managed to subdue Finn unconscious. Alda used the last of her healing spells to keep the front lines alive. Hydra remembered her magic middle wand and dispatched the orcs with Balfor. And Nolan, well he was Nolan.

They just managed to bring Sig out of the well and revive him when Welby reported more orcs coming. This time it was the war chief and his guards. As the guards engaged the party from a distance, the chief moved down the cavern hall to release his pet Ogre.

Unfortunately for the high and mighty chief, the party struck hard criticals and finished off the orcs, the ogre and the two hobgoblins hiding in wait in the kitchen.

Drained of resourses, the group made a defensive position within the shamans room and took a breather. The only heard was young female orcs running away.

Soon the party took the time to search the other underground buildings and found that Snaggle was charged by the Sisters of Erythnul in bringing together the smaller tribes of goblinoids in the area and also that a group of priest would be stay in another area of the caverns and not to be disturbed.

The group, drained and tired. Decided it would be better to cut their losses, take the treasure they found, and head to the nearest city to recoup with another plan. On there way out, they found Walda standing over three scantly clad female orcs dead.

The group agreed to head to Vercennes and go from there. Nolan mentioned a priest of Torm who could remove the curse Finn was under.



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