The World of Arith

Escape from the Underdark

The dreams come and go for Morticlipse of House of Mul’Kuth. Ever since her matron mother Shynshalee took her off of surface raids and stuck her servicing the vile mind flayer Lazzeler, the dreams have become stronger. Her goddess Eiistraee knew if Lazzeler could read her mind, she would be dead. So the dreams came and with them protection from the onslaught of Lazzeler’s probes.

Then one night, Lazzeler had a visitor. A tall lenghty human female who’s pale beauty was only shattered by the grotesque and chaotic mutilations done to the left side of her body. Morticlipse was bringing up Lazzeler’s next dinner, a poor human male slave, when she stopped at the doorway to Lazzeler’s study and listened in on their conversation.



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