The World of Arith

From Vercennes to Balenjyr

Or "how to get a player killed on a short trip."

Once the adventures where able to finish their business in Vercennes, they began their trip to Balenjyr. The trail was wrought with dangers as the group found out on it’s second night when during the night, three harpies and their pet ogre attacked the them.

The group started out well, but the songs of the harpy started to take a bit of a toll when first Thurvold came under the sway of a harpy and then Balfor fell to the song next. Thurvold recovered enough to fight off the harpy, but poor Balfor was seduced heavily by the harpy and ran happily toward her as if it was his lucky night.

The ogre was taken down with ease, as was one of the harpies. But as the last two harpies started to flee, one with Balfor well in hand; one suddenly turned on a pursuing Finn and killed him. Welby came and killed the harpy, but it was too late for Finn.

The others finally took down the harpy trying to take away a fully naked Balfor. Balfor dropped to the ground in a daze, but well enough to stand on his own.

Two days later, just a few hours out of Balenjyr, they were ambushed by a band of Erythnul followers. The cultist called upon the dark arts and summoned a few Abyssal Maws and the fight was hard fought, but a bloody event. Balfor, at one point using Finn’s body as a shield but dropped him later, raged into battle ; throwing anything he could toward the attackers.
In the middle of the fight, a rogish halfling popped out near Hydralitheyer and attacked her. Welby managed to scare off the assassin but was unable to catch him as the assassin was able to make himself invisible during escape. The rest of the ambushers were soon dispatched.

They group found a note on the lead cultist named Jourdris that showed that these Sisters of Erythnul were well away of what the group was up to and were looking to eliminate them. The not mentioned a map to Thor’s lost temple, but the group had no such map. The map they maybe talking about, Thurvold suggested, may be the one Thurvold himself was going to Balenjyr to find.

Once the group finally made it to Balenjyr, a few high tailed it up to one of the many small temples. Welby used this time to get into some card games with some of the goblin merchants from Darcos.

Finn was soon resurrected and the group took a few days to recoup. During this time, a message was given to them to meet someone that knew Magistate Dugal at sundown. The adventures went to the residency that was given to them and met Captain Jard Stalyan and his men of the Sarten Border Militia. Jard explained the reason for secrecy. The town of Balenjyr being a merchant stop for Orcs and Goblin kin from Darcos meant many eyes and ears were listening for any reason to rekindle a border war between Darcos and Sarten. Jard went on to mention that Keegan had gotten word to him of the groups quest and had information to pass on.

Jard’s information spoke of the Sisters of Erythnul having set themselves deep within Darcos and are planning to open long closed gateways to the plane that their crazed god was held within. But to unseal these gateways, the Sisters had to find a key called the Arcanexus. This key was last known to be in the possession with the priests of Thor. The priests of Thor unfortunately said a sect of their brotherhood split from them and took the key with them deep within Darcos. It is said the monastery the monks built was attacked and ransacked, but there was no trace of the monks or the key. The only clues from Jard was that an informant within Brallas named Egalmond who knows a bit of history of the key and monastery as well as there being information of a monk of Thor who moved to Brallas with his daughter. The monk was named Rowhan Lyrgan, but he has been dead for some time. His daughter, who still lives in Brallas is named Alyeera Lyrgan.

The group thanked the captain for the information and agreed to look into the searching for the Arcanexus, especially since it tied into Thurvald’s own quest to find the monnastery and lost temple of Thor.

The group was soon on it’s way to Brallas in the next few days.



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