The World of Arith

Crown of the Ogre King (according to Brost)

After Heading back to Hawkmoon We stumbled across a group of the local Veiled Society attempting a shakedown of our landlords daughter. Alas for the poor halfling Skin n Bones He did not survive this encounter with us. No great loss or remorse for this one. The following morning Ondieth has reprovisioned the larder and has brought us up to speed with his research. After some rather public requests for a meeting with the rather ecentric family of casters. who happen to be in possesion of the painting. Our meeting nearly gets us killed by a summoned young rogue frost dragon the rather odd son had summoned. Our discussion with the matron has led us to a clue on the painting and another of Alaron’s symbols.

I have made my request from the local Half-Orc Blacksmith after a mutual dislike of each other. With the grace of Erathis’ tolerence our buisness transaction for one Khopesh was concluded. The returned the next day to pick the finely crafted weapon up. During this time I also head to the temple. After a proper donation to the faith have been able to aquire two more proper rituals. Talking with the local priest I also gain insight into some finer points on potioncraft. After a couple days study followed by getting out of the appartments for a drink or two I concluded my studies.

My grasp of the ritual to create Holy Water as well as the coveted Enchant Magic Item ritual will definately aid my family and my companions in the days to come. My additional research into the areas outlined in our reports have detailed many historical references though little of immediate insight into the trade of slaves.

Through Felix we have purchased horses and have headed back to Rivermeet to follow up on our slaver investigation. Heading out from rivermeet with 6 brave armsmen we reach the designated location. An investigation into one of the few reasonably intact buildings reveals a prisonlike complex beneath. Of course down in the basement we encountered hobgoblins maintaining the jail cells and a torture facility. After defeating our enemies we put the facilities to use. After questioning the leader reluctantly giving us the information we needed. Justice is serverd as the inquisitor experienced some of his own methods.

I am not exactly certain when afterwards in the cells they met there demise as I was occupied with my initial investigation of the portal in the stairway below. We will send word to the D’Ambervilles regarding this portal. The six men at arms provided by Caer Rivermeet were rewarded a hazard pay bonus of looted coppers for their troubles. After a breif recon through the portal by fix we all head through to defeat the ogre and some goblin henchmen that were apparantly pretending the ogre was a king. The goblin ruse was complete with a copper crown making it totally laughable. We attempted to disable the portal though it is beyond our abilities. We may yet head back to investigate the Labyrinth beyond.

The Ruins of Westbrook

Returning to Caer Rivermeet, the party met up with Sheriff Dugan Narros. The plan of attack on the Bloodreavers spoken about in the letter to Sinruth is to pretend to be the Red Hands and get close enough to attack with impunity. Dressing a contingent of Rivermeet militia up in Red Hand armor, the party dons burlap sacks to cover their weapons and armor. Diego enlists his cousin Gundrax to keep their horses safely away from the meeting place.

Traveling four days down the River Arvin, the party leads the small contingent of Rivermeet militia. They get to the bridge located on the map, but find that it no longer spans the river. Backing up a few miles they find a ford to cross the river. Though it is difficult going, here the Arvin isn’t deep or fast enough to sweep any of the men away. They rest at the ford, waiting for daylight to make their move. The meeting isn’t supposed to take place for another six or seven days, so no one is in a rush. Sergeant Nagal leads his men well and though they’re nervous, none seem ready to back out.

IN the morning the men don their disguises and set out with the party to the ruins of Westbrook. An old stopover village when the road to Brineven was well-traveled, Westbrook was Brineven’s farthest community. When the empire fell, and Brineven was beset by the very gnolls they hired to make war on the other city-states, all contact was lost with Westbrook. When Hawkmoon sent troops to protect the village, Darcos took it as an act of war and counterattacked, drawing those troops away from their mission. By the time reinforcements arrived at Westbrook, there was nothing to save.

Approaching the walls of the village, all was quiet. Fix, in disguise, entered the ruins and scouted the area scouting out defenses or traps and finding none. The ruins of a large inn dominated the northern area inside the wooden palisade and a tower of stone sat to the east of the inn. The tower looked to be the only building in decent shape.

Motioning his companions in, the proceeded to investigate the tower. Inside they saw that the upper floors were weakened and rotting due to the closeness of the Blackmere Swamp and the humid conditions around the swamp. A well-oiled door on the main floor led opened onto a spiral stairway heading down. Proceeding down the stairs, the party found a torture chamber with several cages for holding prisoners. A hobgoblin torturer led a small group of soldiers who fought against the party, but ultimately lost.

Although they tortured the leader, the party uncovered no significant intelligence. In the back of the underground complex though they found an active portal. Disguising himself again, Fix entered the portal and found it to be a two-way portal to a series of caves. The caves near the portal were inhabited by an ogre who wore a crown of copper and his four goblin “servants”. After a quick conversation with the goblins, Fix quickly realized that the goblins just pretended to serve the ogre so that they could trick the ogre into staying in the caves and protecting the portal.

Returning with the news, Fix then led the party through the portal. Taking up a position in the exit cave, Fix stopped any of the goblins from escaping while the rest of the party dealt with the ogre and goblins.

The party then decided to leave the militiamen here guarding the tower and to return to Rivermeet under the assumption that defeating the goblins in the ruins and the ogre would be enough to save Rivermeet from any other incursions.

Odd Happenings in Hawkmoon

Having sent their mounts back to the stables, it takes two full days of marching before the party sees Hawkmoon in the distance. Circling the city proper, they eventually spy Coalstone’s Baubles and think of bed. Entering through the back door, they hear a ruckus in Sigrida’s office. Finding a Veiled Society goon guarding the door, the party kicks past the goon and interrupts a shakedown in progress. The leader of this gang is obviously the halfling wearing the veil standing on Sigrida’s desk.

The halfling takes one look at the party and says, “Oh Shit, Get ’em men!”, confirming the party’s suspicions that its none other than Content Not Found: 88428. While Skin may have been a tough fight on that first night of guard duty, the risks they have taken and the experiences they have endured have made the group much stronger. The Veiled Society didn’t stand a chance. This time Skin wouldn’t face a magistrate, nor would he return to bother them again.

The next morning, the party is woken by the sound of footsteps on their stairs, expecting an attack or some other they are surprised by Ondath, who apparently while looking for the missing runes to unlock Alaron’s Journal has also decide that he is their valet as well. He explains that the pantry has been stocked and he worked with Coalstone to update the furnishings in the apartment. He had narrowed the list from the Green Feather’s Auction House down considerably, but has a few places he is unwilling to investigate.

One of the items on the list was a painting entitled “The Seeker” by Maravono Erdenti, an legendary Arvanoran painter, but it was purchased by the eccentric and highly magical d’Amberville family. Another case of potion bottles were purchased by a mage named Sargona of the Arcanum. He had just located the third rug sold at the auction to Duald Carylon who pawned the rug at a shop down in Dockside called Souf’s Paraphernalia, and still had about half a dozen items to check.

Having some free time, Diego, Fix and Elias chose to head down to Souf’s to find the rug. Imagine their surprise when Souf turned out to be a lizardfolk dressed as a typical merchant. Unfortunately, Souf was being targeted by a group of swashbucklers looking for a fight. Unluckily the swashbucklers found a fight that was a bit beyond their ability to handle. The three party members ran off the leaders of the group and cowed the three deckhands into surrendering. Soon the watch gathered the three of them up and tried to find the others. The three deckhands told a story of being shanghaied in Tarnauld and forced to work on a pirate ship called the Bloody Hand. By the time the watch got to the docks with enough men, the Bloody Hand had set sail. Souf did have the carpet with the rune, and freely gave it to the three men who jumped to his defense.

Meanwhile Brost visited the Temple of the Gods, Eridok’s Expedition Provisions and Finn’s Smithy to resupply and provision. Speaking at length with Amatheon, the High Priest of the Temple of the Gods, Brost exchanged a hefty donation to the Temple for a chance to copy down a few rituals that Amatheon had amongst his scrolls. Not dealing well with the half-orc smith Grimbor, Brost still agreed to purchase his kopesh from the smithy, albeit somewhat reluctantly.

Torra found herself back at the druid’s grove in Nollingswood, here she finally met Duana, head shaman of the Circle. Wishing to transfer the enchantment from a magical totem she had found adventuring to the totem gifted to her by Dal’Anegra. To work the ritual, Duana asked that Torra purchase the ritual components, which ended up costing more gold than Torra possessed. Duana asked for a service to be performed later.

Diego made a point to find Sergeant Calbraith Morcom and invite him out for drinks at the Greenbriar Inn. The two spoke and drank, though Calbraith was due to go on duty and partook lightly. Diego asked the sergeant if he knew of the d’Ambervilles or could arrange an introduction. Calbraith said that it would be arranged in the morning.

The second day the entire party chose to approach the d’Amberville mansion, they were expected. After explaining to the butler that they sought to speak with Beylard d’Amberville (who had bought the painting at auction), they were ushered back to a stunning overlook. There, a wild-eyed man with long, unkempt hair sat on a set of benches overlooking a sand pit that seemed to mimic a small arena. When the party approached he began to scream "Dragon! Dragon!, as a large white dragon appeared behind the party and attacked.

While the party fought the dragon, they began to hear a woman’s voice in the background yelling for Beylard. As the dragon fell, a stern older woman with gray hair tied in a bun reached the arena and began to reprimand Beylard, who only looked down sheepishly and said, “Yes Mother” when he was told to “Go to your room”.

The Lady Vivienne was upset at her son’s actions, explaining that the gift of sorcery, in particular a type of sorcery she called “porte’” or portal magic ran strong in her family, but often resulted in bizarre behavior from the “younger generation, who are not as able to contain the power”.

She graciously showed the party the painting they sought and even poured them some fine Elteare wines to “sooth their nerves”, explaining all the time that the family would like to avoid any difficulties and that a group of adventurers who could be trusted to be discrete could find the d’Ambervilles a fairly generous and well connected sponsor and that the family sometimes needed such people for tasks unbecoming of a noble house.

Returning to their apartment, they realized that with the Runekey found at Ondath’s, they now had three of the five runes needed to unlock the diary.

It took much of the next day for Fix to arrange a sale of cheap horses that Torra could approve of. While not the best horses out there, Torra knew she could take these creatures and with care and nurturing they would be fine, and a good deal better off than they were now. With that the party set out again for Rivermeet.

Wine and Wenches (according to Brost)

After a solid march back into Rivermeet from the now considerably cleaner crypts we head to the tavern for a much deserved rest. The wine is elven the wenches human and the revelry rewarding. The accomplishments of today will surely help us along the way. I fear though this may be our last rest for quite some time. We head back to Hawkmoon for a round of provisioning before following up on the leads the captured documents revealed to us. Vecna may yet have his secrets but in the grand scheme all will be revealed to the Great Concordance.

I have purchased a fine shield much lighter than the one Deigo was teaching me with. It is much more suitable to my style. I need to purchase a khopesh. Not that I dislike the mace but lately I find myself drawn more and more to the weapon most of my family uses. This trusty mace will serve until I can find a weapon more suited to this line of work. As Deigo suspected I will have to try the city, there are none to be had in Rivermeet.

Murphon has decided to depart our group, which Fix of all people has begun calling the Inglorious Bastards. This title is about as far from the truth for some of us. The things some of us must endure on this journey called life. Erathis has a strange way of bringing diverse peoples together. Regardless we must all unite to protect each community as our own. Daily I must remind myself of this. Perhaps daily is a bit of an understatement. This party has reassured me that at the least the people of Deigo’s home have a fondness for the fruits of civilization. May Erathis grace this village with her protection for many years to come.

GOLD, GLORY, and oh yeah WENCHES!! by Diego part 2

Once we are rested we head straight back to the throne room holding the undead. I carefully adavnce into the room. The undead master, a spellcaster unleashed a blast of necrotic energy at me. Just as I hoped, the undead’s bodyguards and minnions swarm me. I am surrounded by the bulk of the undead forces. I stand my ground and cleave as many as I can. An evil wave of necrotic energy pulses every few seconds, re-animating the fallen undead and replensihing the standing ones. Mighty axe, stout shield, and heavy armour prevail as undead fall, rise, and fall again around me. Felix and Elias make a daring rush to the undead master on the throne, engaging him with blade and radiant magic. The leader’s top minnion, a evil wight, sneaks trough my guard and nearly gets to Tora and Brost and attempts to stop thier healing magicks. I smash trough the lesser minnions to stop it in its tracks and force it to engage me. Our band uses every bit of skill and magic we posses to carry the day. The threat to my childhood home is ended, for now. May my ancestors be proud.

We head back to our redoubt, gather the relics and freed townsfolk, and head back to Caer Rivermeet. Upon our arrival several of my band head straight to the inn and I head to the garrison to see Lord Sherrif Dougan Narros. I start to fill him in on the details and try to make plans for our next move; then in true old school Narros fashion Dougan tell me, "Son, business can wait for the morning, tonight is for celebration." We gather at the Green Tankard and are treated as heroes of the town. Lord Mayor Lady Moonstar herself treats us for the night. We are rewarded by her and Sherrf Narros with sacks of gold for the relics and citizens. The party lasts untill the wee hours of the night. The locals warm to both Brost and Torra and his firery breath and her spirit companion awe and delight the townsfolk in an amazing spectacle.  To no ones surprise, Fix gets quite cozy with Jaleesia, the rescued accolyte of Ioun. I'm sure that once they retired for the eveing she revealed more than just Iouns's knowledge. Elias still mystifies me. I introduced him to both of the more and less refined maidens of the town but none seemed to pique his intrest. Who knows, maby he has a secret love he is faithful too. I myself lost track of things after midnight, but awoke in Mable Cooper's bed next to her and Natlie Broder. Thank the gods, life is good. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die.
Glory, Gold, and oh yeah WENCHES!!! by Diego part 1

The crypts gets eerily quiet after the defeat of the Red Hand leader. We search him and his room, finding several of the town’s lost relics most notably the Dragoncrest Helmet and the Red Hand Guantlets. Possibly adding to the town’s antiquity collection are the spike chain and plate armour of Cimruth, the leader of the smashed resurgence of the Red Hand. We find maps and letters on the warlord hinting to allainces with slavers and other dark forces to the east in the Iron hill, White Crown Mountains, and beyond. After a few moments of rest my companions and I adventure on.

We head past Cimruth’s lair and to our surprise encounter an abyssal creature bound within a warded area. Tora and Elias identify it as a crypt demon. Its rage stirs my rage and a small part of me desires to match its strenght against mine for great glory but it seems not to be meant as the ward is solid. Our band carefully advances trough the room until we are ambushed from behind by dark gnomes lurking in ambush. As we turn to face and engage this new menace, doors on the opposite side fly open and we are blasted by several arcane assaults from several gnome arcanists. They finish thier ambush by releasing the ward, freeing the demon, and closing the doors. Sneaky bastards. I turn to engage the demon, axe to fang and sheild to claw! I strike as if swinging Mjolnir itself. Cut off from thier aracne artillery, the gnome ambushers are distpatched by my companions. With the beast’s rage focused on me it barely notices Fix manuvering behind it for the slaying blow, Fix skewers it like a Calastani fighting bull. We waste no time charging after the gnome shadowcasters. We barge into a shrine to Vecna and find the rest of the dark gnomes. We spend the rest of our resources battling this band of quickblades and shadowcasters. They use thier small size, stealth, and blinding magic quite effectively with the pews and alters of this shrine to strike, hide, and strike again. The gnomes manage to surround Tora and Brost and nearly fell them. Luckily we break thier postion and move our healers to better ground. After a bloody battle we defeat all and capture one.

We take time to interrorgate Gartnible, the gnome quickblade. For freedom he sings like a bird. He revbeals his band is a mercenary unit brought in by the red hand to help out security in the lair. He revals the powerful undead rule the crypt, allowing the Red Hand to stay in some sort of alliance. I assume it must be some sort of anger at Rivermeet over the destruction of Brindal a generation ago that motivates them. None the less I have a new target for vengance. We glimmer all we can from the gnome then set him free, I have a bit of trouble doing this but my word is my word, I guess. We do find the missing relics and free the last captive Garwin, the dwarf merchant. My comapnions and I head back to our redoubt to await Harrowleaf and to rest and prepare for the assault on the undead.

Rivenroar and Beyond (GM Account)

Having rested for the night, the adventurers made their way deep into the crypt. Sinruth was dead, the Red Hand would not be resurrected, and the final battle was ahead. For deep in the Rivenroar Crypt sat the true Lord of Rivenroar. From the evidence gathered so far, here was a follower of Vecna who had become undead through foul rituals. The crypt itself was a type of shrine to the Lord of Dark Lore.

Finding the grand throne room, the party entered. Immediately the eye sockets of the Lord glowed a chill blue as he shouted, “Arise my warriors!” Piles of bones around the room animated and pulled themselves upright while the two skeletons behind the twin thrones strode to attack. The skeleton on the other throne, which had shards of bone sticking out from its figure also grabbed the scimitar at its belt and charged.

The party felt confident as the skeletons that arose from the bone piles began falling rapidly, they the room pulsed black and those skeletons they had dropped arose again. Every few seconds the room pulsed black and as more skeletons arose, the bodyguards and the Lord’s “wife” were knitted back together by the pulse. Caught up in the battle, the party did not immediately try to analyze this magical effect. Only when they were hurt badly did Torra determine that the pulse fed off of the undead in the room, and that undead killed outside the room would not rise again, nor would they trigger the next pulse. With that knowledge, the party began to fell its undead foes and finally defeated the Lords of Rivenroar.

When the party finally makes it back to Rivermeet, they are greeted as heroes. A grand feast is thrown in the Green Tankard Inn that evening with Lady Moonfire raising her glass to the heroes. Almost as famous are the seven captives who tell harrowing tales of their imprisonment. Jalissa in particular seems very intent on showing her appreciation to Fix again. Even the normally taciturn Curuvar raises his glass once or twice to the adventurers, whom Fix keeps referring to as the “Inglorious Bastards”.

The next morning, bleary eyed and somewhat the worse for wear, the party is summoned to Sheriff Narros’s office. The sheriff is concerned about the details of the letter and would like the group to investigate. Since the meeting time for Sinruth and the Bloodreavers is almost a month away, the party decides to go home to the City of Hawkmoon for a quick breather before tackling the Bloodreavers.

The Rivenroar Crypts IV (GM Account)

With Sinruth dead at the party’s feet, they find two of the stolen treasures from the Hall of Antiquities in his lair. From his cold body they pry the gauntlets worn by the leader of the real Red Hand all those years ago, and sitting atop the sarcophagus that nearly fills his lair is the Dragoncrest Helm worn by the general who died protecting Brindol during the attack. Among his belongings is a curious letter that speaks of a grander force behind the attack of Rivermeet.

Choosing to proceed further into the crypt, they pass the mosaic of the Black Sun and find a strangely empty room with four large pillars. A creature of hate and strife throws itself against some type of invisible barrier that exists between the pillars. Elias, Brost and Torra identify the creature as a type of tanar’ri, more commonly called demons. This particular one is known as an evistro or carnage demon. While studying the binding a voice calls out from the northern hall, “I release you, crypt guardian!”. The demon bounds at the party releasing possible decades of rage upon its foes. While part of the group fends off the demon’s attacks, Brost and Fix maneuver around to the northern corridor. As they make their way to the corridors, the wererats who unleashed the demon backstab them from hiding. The two gnomish wererat rogues and the evistro result in a two-way fight for the adventurers. When their advantage turned, the wererats attempted to flee back into the corridor.

Upon the defeat of the wererats and demon, the party made its way into the northern corridor to find another doorway, slightly ajar. Proceeding carefully they were nonetheless ambushed by a group of gnomes and their wererat kindred in a shrine dedicated to Vecna. The combination of illusion magic with roguish skill was no match for the party and the gnomes and wererats began falling one after another.

The last remaining gnome found a very secure hiding spot and bargained for its life. He told the party that the gnomes had been hired to help Sinruth and promised to leave the crypts altogether if freed. The gnome also provided one more insight, apparently the original builders of the tomb existed as undead masters of the crypt and had worked out an agreement with Sinruth for his occupation of their domain.

Not quite believing that the party would keep their end of the bargain, the gnome fled and disappeared completely after turning the corner.

A war banner from the original Battle of Brindol, a ceremonial sword and a few Red Hand shields were propped up on the altar of this room, securing the treasures from the Hall of Antiquities, the party set off to finally clear out the crypt.

Back in the entrway, they noticed that the eastern door was open. Descending a stairway beyond the door, they found themselves in a large room, the Von Jallach crypt, with large arcane runes scrawled about the floor. The crypt was defended by needlefang drakes, that immediately swarmed over the party. The swarms worked together to pull down larger prey and when puled down, enough drakes could bite through armor to make a devastating attack as a pack. With horrid wounds, the party defeated enough creatures to break up the swarms which then retreated in tiny holes throughout the crypt.

Past the crypt a smaller area existed which contained a well. Chained to the well was Garwan who told the party that his true jailers, a pair of gnomes had just fled the crypt with another gnome. While Garwan seemed proud of his ability to give very precise directions to get to Jelissa, and was somewhat let down that the party had already been there.

At this point the adventurers decided to retreat back to the campsite and gather their strength for an assault on the undead lords of Rivenroar.

She's more of a homely wench then a comely wench, by Diego

Despite being severly delpleted in strength and fortitude, I hear the cries of my young cousin Thuron and I refuse to withdraw until we find him. As we descend further into the crypts Elias sends his magic lantern floating ahead of us and that light is enought to save us from a hidden assault. Reacting to the moving light, a pack of ghouls and zombie spawn reveal themselves. I form the sheild wall as they hurl themselves at us. We use every last bit of power we have to fight of the assault. Particually devastaing are the stunning bites the ghouls can deliver when one is immoblized by thier poison tipped claws. If not for the radiant blasts delivered by Elias and Brost I don’t know how we could have survived such a battle. After the menance was defeated we found and rescued Thuron. We also found a magical scrying pool. When the water is stirred, it shows random immages of the rooms here in the crypts. In a nearby room we also find a huge dark sun magically enscribed on the floor. Our religious scholars determine it to be a symbol of one aspect of Vecna, they are not shure what aspect it venerates. With no reserves of strengh or stamina left, we decide to fall back to our redout on the edges of the ruined town to rest and regroup. Along the way I prepare young Thuron for the shock of finding his father dead. I explain glorious death in battle is a high honor to Kord, especially trying to defend and free the weak captives. Those who do so will find themselves honnored in ValHalla, Kord’s great hall in the afterlife. Naturally being a young boy, upon seeing his dead father his heart is saddened but he puts on a good show of strenght, he does our ancestors proud.

In our redout we have counsil with Harrowleaf, Sherrif Narros’s arrogant son a bitch ranger. He agrees to watch the Red Hand crypt during the nite while we rest to see enemy movement and then he will return Jelieasa, Sartenian, Thuron, and my uncles corpse back to Caer Rivermeet when we wake and begin our next assault. To lull the goblinoids into false security we wait untill later on in the day to begin our assault. Now that I know my kin has been secured I vow to bring full the fury of Fenris the Great Dire Wolf on the remainder of the Red Hand. I care less about the last captives and lost relics. Vengence is my goal, and I will not be denied.

As we desend into the crypt, Felix uses his magic ring to gain the illusion of a hobgoblin and he scouts ahead. He spots an ambush for us. He takes up a postion behind the hobgoblin sniper and when I breach the corner he backstabs the archer befor he gets a shot off and knocks him right over the ledge into the pit below. I am quite happy at the courage our new compaion shows in the face of danger. He doesnt seem to be of Jendarri stock or a follower of Kord but he truly seeks glory on the battlefield and for that he has my trust and friendship. We have no time to savor the twarting of the ambush for we hear the rustle of armor and arms from ahead. I take a running start and clear the pit in the corridor, unfortuanlty not all of my companions are not so nimble and as noble Brost misses the legde and falls. Its hard not contain a smirk as a stream of curses in Arkosian reveal his pride is more harmed then his skin as he easily dispatches the archer in the hole and extricates himself. I howl as if the Great Wolf as I round the corner and charge into the fray. The hobgoblin warband had several archers, warriors, and its sargent had a trained talondrake. As I barreld trough the middle Felix used his diguise to get to the rear of the archers and then the slaughter began. Even with all the warriors attention on me they could not overcome the healing power of Tora and Brost combined, that gave Elias and Felix the cover they needed to kill our adverseries.

In the wake of battle we loot and search. We find several alters to Bane the Dark Warlord, not an uncommon veneration among some martially bent. Closer inspection reveals the hidden signs of Vecna cunningly interlaced, we are not sure what to make of it so we travel on. In nearby rooms we find Myrtua,the cook from the Green Tanard bound and guarded by dire rats. Arrogantly I stride forth to do battle with the beasts and suddenly I am stabbed from behind by another fell gnome!! What is with these gnomes! I thought gnomes to be a peacefull people, boy was I mistaken. After dispatching the rats and the gnomes we free the kitchen wench Myrtua. Delerious with fright, she requires a combination of itimidation and compassion to snap too.

We press on. We travel down the pits into the large room with giant mushrooms and other fungus. We are met by two huge rage drakes defending the fungus forrest. In a short but viscious battle we defeat the rage drakes and find another captive, Zerica the Crone. She is trapped in a magical warded circle. Between our arcanists attempting to drain the ward and Felix timing the fluctuations of the barrier, they are able to disable it and get Zerica out. With two civillians in tow we decide to fall back quickly to our redout and leave them in Murphon’s care. With haste we head back to the crypts housing the Red Hand and thier allies.

We quickly make haste to deep into the crypts belly and head into an area previously unexplored. We encounter several guards who sound the alarm. Moments after engaging them the Red Hand leader Cumeth emerges and enters battle. The hobgolins are cagey and are tough foes. They fight together coveringe each other flanks and attempt to break our ranks. With great diffuculty, we trap the leader between Feliz and I. Elias, Tora, and Brost bring down the remaing warriors from afar. Seperated from his allies we finish him off with brutal axe and deft dagger. A grim silence fills the crypts as the battle subsides.

The Rivenroar Crypts III (GM Account)

After clearing out the hobgoblin barracks in the crypt, the party knew that they were close to Mirtala, the cook taken during the raids. Proceeding through a set of double doors they found the family altar, rededicated to Bane by the hobgoblins. There, chained to an altar and being bitten and swarmed over by dire and giant rats was Mirtala. As they entered the altar room, the gnomes hidden behind statues of displacer beasts attacked. The fight wasn’t even in question, the gnomes and rats were no match for the party. Mirtala however, had been so scarred by her torture that she was unwilling to speak or even to look at the party. After some delicate work reassuring and assisting her, she finally came to enough to tell the group that Garwan was being held downstairs in a crypt that began with a J, though she didn’t remember the name. While Fix, Diego and Elias attempted to bring Mirtala out of her stupor, Brost and Torra investigated the altars. There was evidence that the altars were once altars of Vecna before their rededication to Bane by the goblinoids.

While fighting the hobgoblins, Brost had fallen into the lower crypts trying to jump one of the pits. The party decided to lower themselves down and clear out that lower level before attacking the upper level again. Dropping down into the pits, they found themselves in a large chamber completely filled with mushrooms, fungi and mold. Two large drakes, easily the size of horses attacked them as they attempted to avoid the larger mushrooms spread around the room. Beyond this room they found a side chamber that held a magic circle binding Zerriksa inside it.

Fix was able to deactivate the binding briefly and Zerriska was freed. A door in the fungus room led upstairs to the middle door in the entryway. Bringing the newly freed captives back to the camp, the party rested again for the night.

In the morning, they once again set into the crypts. Proceeding directly up to the zombie room, where they had found a magic pool that showed images of rooms in the crypt in its ripples, they used its magic to determine their remaining opponents.

Finding the lair of Sinruth, the hobgoblin chieftain responsible for this supposed resurrection of the Red Hand, they defeated the chief and his bodyguards.


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