The World of Arith

Adran's Quest

Fullsun the 11th.
While we waned to push through more of the Temple, returning the captives we freed was far more important. We brought the hill people Gorn and Lorina, along with the farmer’s wife (now widow) Alda back to Hrun’s Outpost. They arrived at the Outpost on the 12th. Having no where to go, Hrun convinced Alda to stay at the outpost as his cook. Spending only a night at the outpost, they party returned to the temple on the 13th.

NIght of Fullsun 13th
Though they arrived at dusk, Adran pushed the party into the Temple to find and free the Princess Tillani of the Tuathwold. As they passed through the first dungeon level, they thought that they spotted some of the ghouls which escaped, but whatever it was fled before they even had a chance to respond.

Taking the stairs that Wonillon had pointed out, they found themselves on the second dungeon level. Taking the right-hand passage, they defeated a minotaur guard fairly quickly. Moving through the left-hand passages from the stairs they found many storage rooms and a cistern before returning to the minotaur room and taking the passageway beyond.

Finding a long corridor and following it to the end, the party encountered a door which opened into a bugbear guard post. These bugbears all wore gray cloaks, indicating fealty to the air temple. They also found a secret door at the end of the long hallway leading to another section of the dungeon. Here they encountered bugbears wearing green cloaks, indicating they belonged to the water temple.

Passing through a few rooms of water temple guards (all bugbears), the party found themselves on the backside of a concealed doorway.

Cleaning Up

Fullsun 11th (cont.)
Heading down another side passage, they party located the second large concentration of earth temple guards, a dozen guards led by two captains. Unfortunately for the guardsmen, they were no match for the party. Soon the group was engaged in chasing down and killing fleeing guardsmen, only one of the captains escaped.

After updating his map, Keegen directed them to the area where Wonillon said he was first held. Encountering a series of rooms housing ghouls and ghasts, they sliced their way through the undead before finding the prison room. Only half-eaten remains were left in the room, some arms still hanging from manacles.

From here, they scouted the few remaining areas Keegen had not mapped on this level of the dungeon. They defeated the last pack of gnolls easily and found a trash heap crawling with rats. With their freed prisoners, they started the long trek back to Hrun’s outpost.

Fullsun 12-13
The trek back through the swamp took much longer than expected. Keegen began to suspect the strange magical aura that he detected on Tostig, but Tostig scoffed at that idea. The arrived back at the Outpost on the 13th of Fullsun.

Against the Earth Temple (part 3)

Fullsun 11th (Cont.)
Feeling secure that nothing would attack from behind, the party made its way to the Temple of Elemental Earth. They found a vast chamber with a floor of blood-soaked earth and a ziggurat in the center. On entering the chamber, a blood-soaked earth elemental appeared nearby and attacked. Though the party took a huge amount of damage, they defeated the elemental. Proceeding further into the chamber, another elemental rose from the earth and attacked.

The party soon deduced that each corner of the square chamber had a bound elemental. Though the elementals hit hard, they were ultimately defeated. In the areas where the elementals rose from the earth, they party located caches of mundane and magical treasures buried in the earthen floor. After looting the two side chambers, they continued on.

Leaving the temple through the other main entrance, the party found the cell-block of the earth temple. After defeating the bugbear guards, they began to explore the cells. Three of the cells contained trios of zombies which fell quickly to Adran’s ability to channel Corellon’s wrath. Two of the other three cells were empty, but one cell held a gnome named Wonillon. An adventurer like themselves, Wonillon joined a party investigating the temple when they were captured.

After freeing the gnome and providing him some basic equipment, he filled them in on what he had learned while a prisoner. He explained that he was first taken to another room somewhere to the west and was held with many prisoners while being watched by ghouls. The ghouls took one prisoner a day. Luckily, he was taken from that chamber and brought to these cells for interrogation. Here he saw two Eladrin prisoners, a beautiful eladrin woman and her bodyguard. In the rare moments they were able to exchange information, he learned that she was Princess Tillani of House Llyrandir and he was her guardian, Sir Jaffin. She attempted to charm her guards once, but failed to escape before she was taken down to the lower levels.

Wonillon told them of other clerics dressed in greens and red. He surmised that the greens were priests of the water temple, for they had a kraken motif on their robes and the reds were obviously fire priests. However, all of the priests and guards in red, green or brown bowed and scraped when guards in black came to get the Princess and her guardian. The guards in black were treated as superiors even by the clerics of fire, earth and water.

With Wonillon in tow, they continued their exploration, with Wonillon complaining about his lost equipment, which he was sure would be around here somewhere. They soon came upon the torturer’s chamber and defeated the torturer and his bugbear accomplice. In the chamber were two orcs that Eldwinn turned into pincushions, two women in a cell and a man who was currently being tortured on the rack. One of the women introduced herself as Alda, a farmer’s wife, while the other introduced herself as Lorina and the man as her husband Gorn. She and Gorn were hill people and were captured as they made their way through the Kron Hills looking for their next campsite.

Against the Earth Temple

Fullsun 10th
The party spent the day marching from the Hrun’s Outpost to the Temple of Chaos. Arriving at dusk, they chose to stay in the Tower.

Fullsun 11th
Taking a different route in the dungeon under the tower, the party comes upon a hallway ending with doors to the left and the right. Before they have a chance to open those doors, a ballista bolt shoots out of a hidden arrow-slit at the end of the hall. Opening the left door, they find a nest of gnolls, with one in an alcove firing the ballista. The right-hand door then opens and guards from the Earth Temple attack from behind. While some of the party remains stuck in the hallway, the others engage the gnolls and the Earth Temple Guards. Once the gnolls and guardsmen are defeated, the party gets their bearings. Keegen wh has been mapping the dungeon since they entered realized that the room the guards came from wrapped around to the guardroom they previously cleared out. Heading through the gnoll nest, they encountered more gnolls in the next chamber who made a strategic retreat to yet another chamber where an ogre chieftain they called Gurthang laired. Gurthang led them out into a large 20-foot-wide corridor whose eastern end tee’d into another 20-foot-wide corridor filled with bones where two more ogres joined the battle from another room across the hallway.

Once all of the gnolls and ogres were defeated, the party spent a bit of time opening chests and searching for loot and hidden doors. Adran reached out to sense if any evil made itself known and realized that the hallway filled with bones contained many minor undead, very obviously animated skeletons. Entering the hallway, Adran called upon Corellon to smite the undead, which all turned to dust with the channeling of Corellon’s power.

Making their way back to the guardrooms cleared out earlier, the party began exploring side corridors before making their way to the earth temple, which Adran’s ability to sense evil located. They found a ruined library and a ruined alchemical lab as well as an empty meditation chamber and a crypt which held the remains of deceased Earth Temple Priests.

Retreat and Resupply

Fullsun 5
Spent an hour going through the pouches etc. of the Earthen Guard
Make their way back to Hrun’s Outpost

Fullsun 6th
Wake up mid-day and travel to Hillsboro

Fullsun 7th
Adran and Keegen begin to sell off items found in the temple, Tostig goes to speak with Lord Brand – who has left with an honor guard for Brineven. They contract with Terjon in the Sun Fane and Jaroo the druid for Wands of Cure Light, and they ask Mr. Green of Red Band Resources to be on the lookout for healing scrolls and resources

Fullsun 8th
With the wands crafted, the party again prepares to set out and battle the Temple.

Fullsun 9th
Head back to Outpost and sleep the night

Battle for the Earth Temple

First Week of Fullsun

The remaining harpy flew to the far door of her chamber, screaming in, we have company and they have elves, she was slain shortly after delivering her warning.

6 ghouls inhabited that room, but when Keegen put Zifrit in guard position, 3 of the ghouls fled out another door.

Soon after, the three ghouls emerged from a secret door with two ghasts. Things started to look grim when Hrun and Adran were both paralyzed by the ghasts, but Tostig was able to release them from their paralyis and the fight began turning in the party’s favor. A few well-placed grease spells by Keegen and soon Adran, Hrun and Keegen’s eidolon, Zifrit, began plowing through the ghouls.

Once the remaining undead were dispatched, Eldwinn was able to put his armor and clothing back on and retrieve the equipment that the harpy has strewn about the room. The group explored the chambers thoroughly before making their way deeper into the Temple dungeons.

Keegen used his message cantrip to start relaying messages from Eldwinn, who scouted ahead, to the rest of the party. Keeping to the “always to right” strategy, the found their way east. The first right-handed side passage led to a room Eldwinn found filled with stirges. They chose to bypass the nuisance creatures and press on. The corridor they followed had no more right hand turns, but turned left a few times. Finding themselves far into the dungeon, they finally came upon temple guards arrayed in brown cloaks with black triangle symbols on their armor and clothing.

One of the lieutenants heard them approach and a scouting party soon began to more to the heroes location to inspect the suspicious noise. On turning the corner, the guards realized they were faced with an armed party of adventurers, calling for reinforcements, they positioned themselves in the corridor to face the invaders.

As the first group of guards began to fall, the lieutenant knocked on an adjacent door and summoned another group, who then summoned even more guards from some back rooms. While the fight looked uneven, the appearance of an Acolyte from the earth temple helped to give the guards an advantage, when the high priest of the earth temple, Romag, announced himself before channeling necrotic energy at the party, things began to look desperate.

At that point, Keegen used the powers of his robe to produce a stone wall which he used to seal the corridor up, which gave the party enough time to focus on Romag and the men on their side of the wall. Focusing all of their energy on the Earth Priest, they were able to fell Romag quickly and started picking off the men before the lesser earth priest created an opening the wall. The lesser priest met his end trying to heal Romag, his spell of sanctuary was insufficient to stop the attacks on him.

Several of the Earth Temple Guards broke at that point and began to flee down the corridor. Pursued by Adran, they ran down hallways the party had not traveled before Adran was forced to give up the chase The other guards formed up behind their commander who offered to take his men out and not bother the area again. When the party refused the offer, their commander took the lead and had his men firing at the party from behind him. He seemed to be more skilled that any one party member, but with their combined might finally the commander was slain along with his remaining men.

Entering the Temple of Chaos

First week of Fullsun

After spending the night in the cleared out tower, the party tried the secret trap door and found and underground chamber with a water-filled passage below. Keegen sent Zifrit to explore 100 feet into the tunnel, but it still seemed to continue east.

Abandoning that route, they had Eldwinn scout the temple grounds. He found a ruined shack that seemed to have an underground chamber. Hoping to find a secret way into the Temple, the entire party risked exposure and ran for the shack to be intercepted by a group of the ravens who constantly roosted on the remains of the Temple structures. Unfortunately, Tostig finally confirmed his theories about the strange magical aura of illusion atop the outer walls and buildings. Once in flight the true size of the ravens became apparent, each was the size of pony. The ravens dove at the group, raking with their talons as the flew past their targets. Once the pattern became obvious, Adran and Hrun readied for the raven to attack and both slew the raven attacking in one strike. The remaining ravens flew off.

Under the ruined outbuilding, they found a nest crawling with swarms of giant rats. Driving off the majority of the swarms, they uncovered a little over five dozen earthenware casks of wine, easily a hundred years old and a keg of fine brandy, but no secret way into the Temple proper.

Finding a hiding spot to view the Temple, the party noticed two side chambers that seemed to be weak spots in the thick cathedral walls. Near where they expected the altar and nave was a one-story structure that they thought may be a vestry and another small one-story structure could have been an office or confessional. Moving to the supposed vestry, Tostig used his power over stone to shape a two-foot-wide and five-foot-high passage through the foot-thick stone wall.

Exploring the Temple Proper, they found that the altar was centered around a huge throne, with a checkerboard pattern of 10-by-10 stone slabs in rust-red, moss-green, light-gray and brown. Beyond the high altar was a sloping passageway heading down to a set of massive doors inscribed with silvery runes, which several members of the party found impossible to approach.

Further towards the “entrance”, they found side altars completely set with moss-green and earthen-brown motifs around a central font. At the back of the moss-green wing they found a staircase going down into darkness. About halfway down the stairs, everything became totally silent and then they entered the dungeon level. The sounds of moaning, screaming and the scraping of metal and stone echoed throughout the area. South of the staircase up, they found themselves in a four way intersection with a passage to the west that soon came to a north-south tee and a passage to the east that came to another four way intersection. Choosing an “always go right” plan for exploration they explored two abandoned armories in the western corridors. While Keegen, Tostig and Adran explored the armories, Hrun and Eldwinn were set upon by wandering ghouls, which they quickly eliminated.

Heading south, then found an ornate ramp descending to the east, similar to the ramp near the main altar, the carvings and reliefs of evil worshippers cavorting with demons led them to believe that the ramp may end in another sealed portal. Avoiding the ramp and continuing south they soon came to another four way intersection and found the southern stairway up, as well as two more abandoned armories. That’s when they heard the singing.

Eldwinn found himself drawn to the singing voice and was soon snatched up by a winged harpy before the other were able to stop him. The rest of the party entered the harpy lair at which point they were beset by ghouls coming from a side chamber. As Eldwinn’s clothing and equipment were stripped from him and thrown from the harpy nest, the party cleaved through the ghouls. The harpy entrancing Eldwinn eventually joined the fight – giving him a chance to break free from the enchantment.

Very quickly, only one harpy remained.

Scouting the Temple of Chaos

First Week of Fullsun

After making sure the guardsmen and work crew were all set at the ruined outpost, the party finally departed to investigate the Temple of Chaos

They spent the first day following the hidden swamp road east. By the end of the day, the party got their first view of the Temple as the sun began to set. They sent Eldwinn ahead to scout for a good place to rest. Eldwinn noticed that one of the outlying towers seems to be partially intact. After approaching the tower and uncovering no signs of life, he called the party to him. The tower seemed to be sealed from the outside, but after breaking the chained doors, the party is confronted with a contingent of temple recruits. Footmen moved into the breach, while archers and crossbowmen arrayed themselves on the remains of an ascending stairway and the remains of the second story. Only after they began cleaving through the footmen did the commander emerge from a side room with a group of trained Temple Guards.

Keegen‘s summoned creature, Zifrit, created a front line with Adran and Hrun. While Adran called upon Corellon to mend his wounds the many times he was severely wounded, Hrun relied on Tostig’s healing hands to keep him from death.

The commander turned out to be a very capable combatant, nearly killing Hrun in one attack, the odds turned dramatically when Keegen slowed the commander and a few of his temple guards and then hasted his own allies. Soon the enemy’s battle lines began to break apart and the party was able to take the fight to the archers and crossbowmen. One of the footmen chanced a leap down from the rafters when he saw the front door unguarded. Hrun chased him down and slew him just outside the tower door.

The commander was the last to fall, and Tostig stabilized the foe, hoping to get some information.

Tostig then cast a mending on the front door to make it look as it did before. Looking through the tower and the two side rooms, Eldwinn found two locked chests which he hauled out to the main chamber. They also found a concealed trap door in the commander’s quarters.

Lord Brand's Advice

After surviving the ambush on returning to Hillsboro and the attack on the ruined outpost, Lord Brand summons you to his tower. Work proceeds on the castle, with the foundations finally prepared and the outer walls beginning their ascent to the sky as you are escorted to the Lord’s study. There Lord Brand and Sheriff Reynulf sit you down and offer some advice.

Lord Brand begins, "I know that we previously discussed our next move. It seems obvious that the Temple of Chaos is something we can no longer ignore. However, your defeat of two large forces gives us a little bit of time. My sources tell me that they may be able to recruit as many as half a dozen untrained men in a ten-day. It would make sense that the more well-trained operatives that they recruit take much more time to replenish. You’ve inflicted heavy losses on them, and I don’t think they will replace a wizard of the third order, two priests and a few acolytes along with a dozen men in short order.

“I think that when you scout out the temple, you must prepare for an extended foray. Right now many of you are in the process of constructing and repairing homes and businesses in Hillsboro. I think this may be the best time to focus on your own projects so that you have no distractions when you are finally able to pierce the veil of secrecy around the Temple.”

The Epistles of Tostig II
Semper Fidelis! RedBeard!! I hope this missive finds you in good spirits and able body. Your lessons and drills have payed dividends. I have formed a company of Heroes and all manner of perils have fallen to my spell and steel. My path has ganerered me no small amount of glory and treasure. I have settled roots in Hillsboro and laid the humble foundations for my Grand Hall. That Hall will need spears. Those spears need to be led. I beg of you Clovis Barbarossa, travel here and be my Captain. I need an eye I can trust and a heart that can not be turned. This is the opportunity we spent countless hours musing over. If that does not spur you to action, my hall is a mere bowshot down the lane from the town brewer. I await your expeditious arrival. Glory and Wisdom, Tostig.

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