The World of Arith

Hawkmoon By Night-according to Brost Valdur
according to Brost

[edited for non dragonborn] There were a couple others to stand guard with me. The first is a human warrior named Diego el Smithson a fairly likable type with an equally odd sense of things. Second is a shifter going by the name Torra Sunder, a spirit talker of some skills?

To get acquainted with each other we traveled a bit around the city ending up in some type of grove or something. Our first night went fairly smooth and it was not until the second that we had some sort of skirmish with a branch of the local organized crime of the fair city. The city guard had to clean up afterwards.

At one point during the skirmish three of the thugs managed to have me staggering up against the wall. The Halfling leading the ruffians took Diego me and what I assume to be Torra’s guardian spirit cat a bit to take down. The vile ruffians using less than respectable tactics as expected. The next night was again uneventful.

On the fourth night a rare occurrence in the stars above aligned to place the full moon surrounded by the seven stars, a rare occurrence that only happens something like every century or more. I am sure the followers of Corellon would be able to tell that tale better than I. After the lively revelers emboldened by the rare event went home for the night we resumed our watch. Later that evening I dropped the curious key to the establishment with Diego. While moving around to the back to investigate if the noises were from there shouts from behind indicated otherwise. I was no sooner around the corner when Diego determined that the sounds were coming from inside. He and Torra entered to find a hobgoblin and goblin looting party. I eventually had to leave my post outside where I was blasting the goblins inside. I reluctantly entered the inner structure at Diego’s dire request for aid.

We disrupted the raid and did a quick once over of the corpses quickly finding some items of use though there were still noises in the building. I urged the others to head back to our posts as this inner building. There are strange things afoot indeed. More than once during these encounters a member of the raiding party translocated to more strategic locations.

Security Detail, Part I (GM Account)

Mr. Tomas Twillfoot of the Green Feathers Auction House in Tomes has posted help wanted flyers around the city looking for night watchmen for the next ten-day. The two auctions scheduled for the end of the ten-day are an auction of items procured by the Prismatic Order and a shipment of rare dragonborn-made items from a merchant caravan from Krall. These items need to be catalogued, appraised and appropriately priced for auction during the day, necessitating their storage at the auction house, but they are vulnerable during the night watch.

Brost Valdur, a low-level dignitary from the dragonborn caravan has been hired as the “lead” watchman. He has been given a key for the auction house in case there is a need to enter, but advised that Tomas would prefer no one enter Green Feathers.

Diego el Smithson of Caer Rivermeet is a local bouncer from Dockside, who currently works security at the House of the Red Lanterns. Although somewhat suspect, Diego has been given the job under the supervision of Brost.

Torra is a shifter from Berwyn who is new to town. Her mentor, the druid Guthrim Haraldson, of the Nollinswood Circle suggested that she use this employment to better learn of the city and city life.

Meeting Tomas’ daughter, Scilla Twillfoot, who runs the auction house’s security, these three were given the jobs and asked to report the following evening.

While the first night was fairly uneventful, the second night was interrupted by a gang of Veiled Society thugs, the leader of the group was a halfling, who had with him two other Society members and a few random thugs from Coppers. The halfling offered the three protectors a chance to run away, at which point he and his gang were trounced. Torra did have the wisdom to stabilize the thugs before the militia arrived on the scene, so no deaths were reported. After all, vigilantism is against the law in Hawkmoon.

The guards identified the halfling as Skin n Bones, a notorious local who was thought to have ties to the Society. Leaving a guard on the scene, the patrol split up to gather the prisoner wagon from the garrison and fetch Scilla to vouch for her watchmen.

The next day, the three watchman enjoyed a feast at the Barge Inn in Dockside courtesy of some gold and silver “found” on the scene, which the militiaman assigned to watch them while the captain was away assured them couldn’t be from the thugs. Scilla meantime was busy hiring some more watchmen to deal with the possibly retaliation from the Veiled Society.

The second night seemed much livelier. One of the reasons being that Sehanine, the moon, was full in the sky, ringed by the Seven Sisters, stars that represent the seven human sisters first approached by Corellon to spread his worship to the humans. The story tells that Corellon seduced each sister in turn on one night when Sehanine shone in the sky. The Seven Sisters are said to dance around a full Sehanine only once in every few human generations. During these events, all people become more passionate, lively, and flirtatious. And this night seemed no different. Couples passed by giggling amid their hushed conversations. The House of the Red Lanterns was busier than it had been in months, and the ladies of the evening were even more encouraging and frisky.

The two teams did not mix much as the second night began. Sometime late in mid-night, after the last couple had found places to indulge in one another, a crash was heard from inside the auction house. Though Brost refused to open the door, he allowed Diego to unlock the doors. Diego, Brost and Torra entered the auction house and engaged in battle against the intruders.

The second group had heard nothing as they patrolled the back alleys of the Auction House. They finally heard the sounds of battle when they approached the front doors. As they peered through the doorway, they saw…

Security Detail, Part 2 (GM Account)

As Diego, Brost and Torra finished the fight in the auction house, one of the new nightwatchmen, a halfling new to the city named Myrphon Bludd dropped down from his perch on the auction house roof to help. Looking into the auction house, he saw a large hexagonal great hall, easily 80 feet wide and 120 feet long. The walls were made of bluish stone and the floors of some amethyst-hued stone. Inlaid in the center was a large hourglass inlay.

Diego, Brost and Torra had just wiped out a small band of goblins led by a hobgoblin, judging by the bodies littering the floor. Noises came from the grand staircase up and from the smaller stairway down, possibly more goblins.

Peering through one of the shuttered windows, Diego looked out on a landscape eerily similar to that of Hawkmoon. The River Celindria flowed down the same banks, but where Caer Hawkmoon would have been was the remains of an elegant castle, with turrets and minarets surrounding a great dome, looking like something out of a fairy tale. A ruined city spread out around the castle equaled the castle in ornateness and otherwordliness, with tall towers and spires mixed among the small buildings. The moon shone extremely brightly over this alien landscape, clearly illuminating the goblin horde that seemed to be scavenging through the ruins.

The four of them made their way upstairs and encountered another small band of hobgoblins as they made their way downstairs from the third floor. They spoke to each other in Hespruar, the language of the sylvan folk. Myrphon said they spoke of being sent down to the chief by the shaman above. The goblins were crafty, using the balcony as cover while raining arrows down on the party and trying to use the old audience chamber and the guest room to pass through and get away when their luck turned bad.

After defeating this second group of goblins, the party made their way up to the third floor of the keep. The personal rooms of whoever held this keep lay here. A grand salon looked out over the ruined city, opening into a grand master bedchamber. The lord had a ruined and looted library and a chamber that seemed to double as an artist’s studio and alchemical lab. A smaller room looking like servant quarters rested just off the main hallway. Here the goblin shaman and a small group attempted to lure the party into an ambush. A great battle ensued, made much more difficult for the party by the shaman’s curse magic, but again, the party persevered and defeated the goblins.

After gathering the possessions of the dead goblins, the party made its way downstairs to the main level of the keep, choosing to take a more active role in clearing out the goblins, they lured the force of goblins they heard downstairs up to an ambush. This seemed to be the main force of goblins, led by the obvious commander of the infiltrators. The ambush didn’t go quite as expected due to the fact that the commander had some unique ability to teleport his men around the battlefield. It was a difficult battle, with Torra, and Myrphon dropping to unconsciousness several times during the skirmish. Eventually they triumphed, badly bloodied and beaten as the last of the hobgoblin archers fell.

A quiet fell over the Keep, as the party gathered together the loot and discussed their next move.

Hawkmoon by Night- Take Two-according to Brost Valdur

[edited for non dragonborn] Torra I don’t think we are not in Hawkmoon anymore.

This place is right out of a bards tale. These hobgoblin raiders are to be put down with extreme prejudice. We have cleaned the upper floor with a hobgoblin shaman and others. We then used our newest recruit Murphon to convince the raiders in the basement out into the first floor.

The hogoblin leader from the basement was difficult to put down. He used his powers to tactically reposition our enemies much to our pain. This is about all I have time to write down I am tired and some rest would be in order.

I fear that if the rest of the nights on this watch are anywhere near as painful we may lose one of our members.(dated journal entry)

Hawkmoon by Night- Take Two-according to Diego Smithson

“So we open up da door ta checks on what made da crashin noises enside; and what we see, not the inside of ur Auction house, Scilla, not even close. We see the ruins of some elf buildin, and I swears by the Good Works of Moradin, I aint lyin. It looks nuthin like ur shop. So from the doorway I aint seein what made the noises and then someone said it might be some type of glamour or illusion or something coverin some sneaky types tryin to steal ur stuff, soes I go inside. Whens I get inside I seen some goblin foragin party armed and carrying bags of loot, soes I charge em and the boys back me up and we take em down. We open up the bags and don’t find any of ur stuff. About this time, I look out the window and see a freaky deaky elfish city in ruins and crawling with goblin war parties nestled right here on our own landscape, I mean hills, river, bay, and everything. Tora comes up with this theory about moonsigns, this “gauntlet” thing, and coterminious manifest blah blah blahs. It sorta makes somes sense. Then we hear more crashin and bashin about and soes we decide to clear this place of intruders incase they can breach magically into your auction house. We end up cracking some more goblinoid skulls and even killing a witchdoctor and a few heroes. It was no easy fight, I never knew gobies and hobies were so steeped in magic, they ported round like a bunch a damned wizards. Kord be proud, we almost bit off a bit more fat then we could chew. We almost called a retreat. Eventually though, Avandra finnally came around and granted us her blessings and glorious victory was claimed.”

Security Detail, Part 3 (GM Account)

After looting the hobgoblin commander’s group, Diego, Brost, Torra and Myrphon piled all of the loot they had gathered near the doors back to Hawkmoon. They faced a difficult decision, do they stay or go back. Deciding to investigate a little further, they followed the stairs down to a lower level.

The staircase opened onto a wide hall lined with ripped portraits and smashed busts of eladrin lords and ladies. At the end of the hallway stood an eight-foot-tall statue of a regally robed eladrin lord. Though the statue had survived the ages, it was covered in graffiti and filth.

Torra spent some time inspecting the statue for writing or identification, an artists mark or signature. While examining the statue, she found a latch hidden in the folds of the marble robes. The latch opened a hidden doorway behind the statue. While Torra was busy searching the statue, the others heard the sounds of a goblin war party coming up the stairway down.

The party entered the secret chamber and found an arcane laboratory and retreat for the lord of the keep, untouched over the centuries. A table along the back wall held alchemical supplies and reagents, while a bookcase caked in dust was filled with ancient copies of books on folklore and magic. Initially hidden by the bookcase was a staff that seemed to shake a bit as if it were being blown by a slight breeze. The center of the room held a desk, with an open book in the center, and a quill resting on the open page. A dried inkwell sat open near the book, almost as if someone had gotten up and left in the middle of writing the last page.

Examining the book, Torra found that the writing in the book constantly shifted through the entire Rellanic alphabet. The cover had the only writing not obscured by the magical scrambling of the text, which named the book, “The Travels of Alaron Zadormere, Book 1”.

While examining the book, four small doors opened in the corners of the trapezoidal room, and four homunculi jumped out and attacked the party. After a brief but bitter struggle, the party gathered together all of the items of value found in the chamber, including a small box of residuum, ritual components and a ritual book from the bookcase, and decided to get out of this strange keep.

Quietly sneaking upstairs, they heard the goblin war party on the second floor balcony. Concerned when they saw the doorway closed, and Myrphon and their loot gone, they snuck to the doorway and were relieved when it opened into the familiar Freethinker’s Square outside the Green Feathers Auction House. Myrphon was there, with the goblin sacks and other valuables they found in the keep.

After a relatively uneventful watch, almost dull by comparison to what they found through the doorway, they reported to Scilla the events that had transpired that evening. Of course, she accused them of being drunk or high, but when she opened the door just seconds before dawn, a rainbow of colors faded, and showed the interior of the Green Feathers Auction House. Not willing to believe such an incredible story, but knowing that she saw something strange, she sent them home and did not fire them all right away.

The next day the four coconspirators, upon a recommendation from Lessyna, rented a room at the Seven Trees Inn in Bay View. This small out of the way Inn was a perfect place for them to gather their findings and use as meeting place. The Innkeeper, a pleasant halfling named Drasil Narbin, seemed somewhat put out by the rough nature of his new guests, but the coin was good. He gave them side rooms where they wouldn’t offend his more cultured guests as easily.

That night, Diego, Torra, Brost and Myrphon were joined by a new hire of Scilla’s named Elias. Elias named himself a follower of Ioun. Not sure if he was there to watch them, or help them watch the auction house, the night began mundanely with patrols and assigned locations. As the Seven Sisters once again circled Sehanine, there was another crash from inside the auction house doors. Opening the doorway again, they found a group of goblin warriors going through the bodies of the fallen goblins from the previous night. After a bloody and brutal battle, Diego, Brost, Torra, Myrphon and Elias gathered the valuables from the goblins and contemplated their next step.

Security Detail and Onward (GM account)

After a quick scouring of the goblins, the party descended into the lower levels of the keep. They thoroughly investigated the lower level, finding an ancient armory and storerooms long since plundered of anything valuable. Hearing no sounds of goblin activity, they proceeded further down into the depths of the ancient keep.

The stairs opened into a large fungus garden, Torra could see where this was once a well thought out garden of medicinal fungi, the intervening years (or centuries) caused the garden to grow out of control. A large crack in the wall let the fresh air of this place into the sub-basement, but also allowed local vermin a way into the keep. Everything was covered with tiny spiders.

At the end of the fungus hall, a doorway opened into an obvious interrogation room. Although missing some of the more lethal instruments of persuasion, the presence of this room was jolting compared to the rest of the keep. Two other doors led out of the interrogation chamber. The first led to a narrow hall down which could be seen several barred doorways before it turned into darkness. The second door showed a room filled with a pinkish mist that seemed to pulse with its own light. Torra felt for the emanations of magic and determined that the mist possessed a powerful aura that in some way affected arcane power.

Proceeding down the dungeon hallway, the party passed several cells before and after the turn until reaching the last doorway on the left that opened into a storage chamber. Beyond this room was another doorway filled with dull gray mist. As Torra began to read the aura, a spider, large as a man, stepped out of the mist and attacked, followed by swarms of small spiders.

With little room to fight, the party backed away slowly past the corner so that everyone could help to eliminate the threat. There Diego, assisted by Torra’s spirit companion Shiva, walled the spiders in, allowing the rest of the party to attack at range and defeat the vermin.

In the storage room, they found some valuables, remnants of groups who did not fare as well against the spiders, and Myrphon spied even more in the gray mist. While no one was initially willing to enter the mist, finally Torra did so, assuming that the mist affected arcane powers and would have no effect on her. When she proved herself correct, Myrphon darted in and collected the valuable lying around the spider’s lair.

The party tried collecting some of the mist from each room, but even in a sealed jar, the mist dissipated once outside each chamber. Seeing no other stairs or chambers, they left the ancient keep.

Though they felt like they were being watched, no one struck against the auction house that night, and the rest of the night seemed dull and boring. Even the night itself felt less alive, less vital compared to what they had seen on the other side of the doorway. Scilla showed up about an hour before dawn, her golden eyes easily seen in the darkness as she approached. The five watchmen opened the doors so she could see with her own eyes the portal beyond.

Heading to the room they rented at Seven Trees, they looked through the bags of loot that the goblins had collected and the other valuables they had found. Of particular interest was the book they found on the desk in the secret chamber. It was titled “The Travels of Alaron Zadormere, Part I.” Each letter of Rellanic in the books seemed to be replaced with every other letter in the alphabet in a constantly changing pattern. Looking through the other books they found two rituals, Book Cipher and Transcribe Writings. Torra determined that the Book Cipher Ritual was making the book unreadable, while the Transcribe Writings ritual may have allowed Alaron to write the book while he traveled the world. From the ritual, Torra explained that to unlock the code, they would have to find the five unique runes that Alaron used to create the cipher.

During the next few nights, the party fulfilled their contract as night watchmen at the Green Feathers Auction House. Nothing happened for the rest of the tenday. During the day, they split up. Diego gathered the valuables and proceeded to the House of Finwarin a local mercantile house whose owner was infatuated with all things elven, while Torra and Brost did some detective work.

Torra and Brost began at the The Halls of Books, and met with the Head Librarian Cimrion. Cimrion had heard the name Alaron Zadormere, but wasn’t really sure where he had heard the name. His associate, and old man named Gilmedor who mumbled through the entire conversation, knew Alaron as a bard who lived in the City of Hawkmoon and passed away some time ago.

They then wen to Bardschool, and spoke to Triana a director of the school who remembered Alaron well, if not fondly. They got the impression that Alaron was an egotistical lout who felt he was better than others, especially humans. They learned that he had passed away not even a decade ago, but she knew no details beyond that.

Diego didn’t have as much luck as he thought, at the House of Finwarin, he wasn’t allowed to see Findegil, the elven enthusiast, but spoke to another functionary named Ortano, who appraised his items as worth approximately 80 gold hawks, and would be willing to part with 50 gold hawks for the collection. Diego chose not to accept the offer and left with his valuables.

After again gathering at Seven Trees, the party chose to go to Groveside and the Temple to the Seladrine to inquire about Alaron Zadormere. They were met by Jondelar Taemelson and given an audience with the ancient Jaemanthar. Alaron definitely didn’t make lots of friends. They were told that Alaron’s manservant, Ondath, still lived in Groveside and may know more of his master’s dealings.

Finding Ondath’s home, the party spoke to the cantankerous elf. Torra figured out that by praising Alaron, they had a better chance of getting through to Ondath. After a long conversation with many near disasters, Ondath finally chose to assist the party. In the corner of his living room, a statue that Alaron had carved of an imperious eladrin lord holding his left hand high and his right hand wrapped around a book rested on a small table. Ondath pulled the book out of the right arm and turning the book around, showed them one of the runes. He let them know that the rest of Alaron’s things were auctioned off by the Green Feathers Auction House, and agreed to meet them there in the morning.

Choices, Choices (GM account)

The party spent much of the night drinking Snagtooth Ale at the Barge Inn. Planning on meeting Ondath in the late morning, they intended to sleep in. Diego shared a post he received from his old mentor in Caer Rivermeet, Sheriff Dugan Narros. It seemed that Rivermeet had just been successfully attacked by a goblin raiding party, backed by an ogre. The goblins broke through the wall, and caused some mayhem before being driven off. When the smoke cleared, the only things missing were some heirlooms from the Halls of Antiquities, though Sheriff Narros was still looking for a few townspeople assumed to be cowering somewhere. Narros offered to talk with Lady Moonfire about hiring the party to assault the goblins if Diego wanted the job. They all agreed to undertake the trip to Rivermeet.

It was just wrong then, when they heard a knock at their door at dawn. As Diego blearily answered the door, he saw a man and a dwarf. The man was obviously with the city watch, and by the look of things had just come off duty, so a Hawkmoon Nightwatchman. He introduced himself as Sergeant Calbraith Morcom, and hearing the voice, Diego remembered him from their run in with the Veiled Society their first night watching the auction house.

Sergeant Morcom explained that his dwarven companion, Kelvin Coalstone, had asked the Nightwatchmen for assistance with a peculiar problem. Morcom instantly thought of the party and sought them out at the Red Lanterns before being directed here by Lessyna.

After being invited in, Kelvin began to explain his dilemma. Looking to expand his business, he had just purchased a new location in Gates, the former pawnshop owned by one Sennard Porbell. On the Westgate Road, it was a prime location. Upon inspecting the shop, his new neighbors told him that the shop had been haunted since Porbell disappeared some two months ago. Strange lights flash through the house at night and shadows flit around the building. He asked the Nightwatchmen to investigate, but they found no signs of a haunting. When he went to the shop after dark, he saw the lights and heard noises, so he returned to his home in the North End and asked around for help. Sergeant Morcom then suggested the party and agreed to accompany Coalstone and make the introductions.

Diego explained that they were about to travel to Rivermeet and that his families honor was at stake, so Coalstone raised the stakes. He suggested that he could rent the apartment above the store to the party for a greatly reduced rate if they would only investigate and hopefully stop the hauntings. They finally agreed to stay one extra night in Hawkmoon to investigate the hauntings, but would leave the following morning if they found nothing.

They then dusted themselves off and met Ondath at the Green Feathers Auction House. Tomas greeted them warmly, but hung over as they were, they had a difficult time convincing him to open his records of the Zadormere auction. Finally, swearing on Ioun, Elias convinced him to look for an turn over the record of that auction.

Agreeing to pay Ondath a retainer fee for his services, the party asked the former butler to find the people and items on the list and help them narrow their search for the other four runes to unlock Zadormere’s journal.

The rest of the day was a blur, Brost spent some time studying the rituals found in Alaron’s secret lab while Diego went shopping for an everburning torch. After night fell, the party met Kelvin in Gates, where they received the key to Porbell’s Pawnshop. Going in the back door, they found and fought swarms of rats led by a gnomish wererat in the old kitchen. They found the vault, sealed since Porbell disappeared and Myrphon was able to open the lock. The thing was sealed tight and behind the locked door they found some of Porbell’s treasures still where he had left it and a secret door to hidden cellar in one of the cabinets. When they began to back out of the vault, three horrid undead ghouls rose out of the secret door. Even more horrible was their master, a bloodshot eyed, fanged monster that could only be a vampire. Though a lesser kind of vampire known as a corpsedrinker, the thing tore into them with savagery made all the stronger by its obvious hunger for their lives.

It was an incredible battle, but after throwing everything they had at the undead menace, the party was severely bloodied but victorious. After taking a short rest to regain their stamina, they began to explore again this time more cautiously.

Porbell's Pawnshop (GM Account)

Having dealt with the wererat and it minions, as well as the corpsedrinker vampire and it ghouls, Elias, Diego, Myrphon, Torra and Brost secured the first floor of the old Porbell’s Pawnshop. Myrphon agreed to scout the second floor and spied on two gnomes who were preparing for the noises they heard downstairs. After briefing the others, Diego charged upstairs and found nothing.

Then the lamp on the table rose, and a haunting voice taunted the party to “Depart this place of suffer our curse”, complete with ghostly images etc. Knowing that the gnomes Myrphon saw were behind the “haunting”, Diego began investigating the rooms off the common area as the rest of the party came upstairs. In one of the bedrooms, Diego spotted one of the gnomes and its homunculus, an iron defender. As the rest of the party got into position to give this gnome a really hard time, the second gnome snuck out of the room he was hiding in and attacked from behind with his pseudodragon.

The gnomes were sly, and very difficult to pin down, often using mist-based powers to move about the second floor. Like gnomes everywhere, they were able to fade into invisibility and reappear a few seconds later. Frustrated, Myrphon jumped out the second story window and took up a position outside the doors to surprise any gnome who though about fleeing.

Eventually, the party defeated the gnomes and their guardian creatures, though Torra almost died due to a poisoned weapon. Searching the hidden cellar through the trapdoor in the vault, they found the vampire’s coffin. In its grave dirt was a red garnet carved into a heart-shaped locket. The locket contained a drop of blood and was inscribed with the words, “forever mine”, in a woman’s flowery handwriting.

Spending the rest of the night in the abandoned shop, they searched through the place with a fine-tooth comb. When their new landlord, Kelvin Coalstone, arrived in the morning they had many stories to tell.

The next day, they went to Kaulvaeras Stables and asked about renting horses for their trip to Caer Rivermeet. Though obviously surprised by the request (not many people try to rent horses in Hawkmoon), the half-elf Kaulvaeras Greymantle decided to allow the party to rent, at an exorbitant fee of 15 gp per horse, sending one of his men along with the party to retrieve the horses when they finished. They rode to Caer Rivermeet and only arrived just before dusk.

Apartment for rent, by Brost

[Edited for non dragonborn] We have finished clearing the apartment and remainder of the building. In summary there were wererats and rats on the main store level. The secure vault held a lesser vampire and ghouls, upstairs was a group of gnomes.

Our adversaries were a caster with a psuedodragon familiar and a homunculi as well as a roguish warrior. The gnomes have the ability to use the mists to move around the apartments making it difficult to put them down. After provoking the gnomish caster and sending him tumbling down the stairs we resumed our fight in the main store. The pesky gnome had his escape route was cut off by Murphon. After some back and forth blasting between me and the annoying runt, Deigo manages to surprise him as he attempted to circumvent me. Its last ditch effort was insufficient and he died to my sacred flames. I did have the final laugh. Upstairs the pseudodragon caused Torra much pain with its poison and we almost lost her.

I have taken the necklace this dragonkin wore as a memento. Our new apartments are now paid in advance for a month. It consists of a library, kitchen privy central dining and 4 bedrooms. Murphon and Deigo are going to share one of the larger front rooms. I have chosen the other larger front rooms as my own. Torra took the room between me and the other smaller room that is Elias’s.

Coalstone the landlord said he was going to have the place cleaned up a bit before we get back. He was a bit unnerved about what we told him we found in the crypt below. I say he should be happy with the extra storage space. I have left word of my rental location and basic knowledge that i will be out of town for a bit during the renovations.

There was a locket of potential interest. The locket is made from a large gem cut into a locket with a drop of blood in the center of it. I suspect it was given by the vampires sire. We have rented horses to aid our travel to the town of Deigo’s birth Cear Rivermeet. We leave in the morning to exact vengeance on those goblins and hobgoblins that attacked and killed Deigo’s kin.


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