Tag: Rituals


  • Book Cypher

    Book Cipher

    _Your enemy might have found your journal, but he’ll never see what you wrote there._ *Level:* 1 *Category:* Warding *Time:* 10 minutes *Duration:* Permanent *Component Cost:* 10 gp *Market Price:* 50 gp * …

  • Transcribe Writings

    Transcribe Writings

    _As you write in the book you carry, those words are copied into a book far away in your sanctum._ *Level:* 4 *Category:* Exploration *Time:* 1 hour *Duration:* Special *Component Cost:* 50 gp *Market …

  • Dedicate


    _You perform the ancient rites of your faith to turn this location into a bastion of your deity's will._ *Level:* 5 *Category:* Binding *Time:* 2 hours *Duration:* 24 hours (see text) *Component Cost:* 100 gp, plus a …