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  • Sarten


    The Districts

    Mont d'Royal Jardin Royal Salle Gendarme Pontindustre Casille Marshall Alavrey Soutre Jardin Galevais Aringell Ouestmare …

  • Academae

    The Academae

    *Main Goal* To increase the influence and prestige of wizardry and magic in general. *Alignment* Neutral *Symbol* Pyramid (Triangle) with an all-seeing eye in its center. *Background* One of the many branches of the …

  • Queen's Gendarmes

    *Main Goal* To protect the kingdom of Sarten and act as the Queen’s bodyguard and advisors. *Alignment* CG *Symbol* Crossed Glimmering Rapiers *Background* When the last mad King Gilbier L’Tanrasse began descending into madness, his queen, …

  • Loupenholt Watchers

    *Main Goal* To protect the elven settlements of the Loupenholt from threats *Alignment* Neutral Good *Symbol* Wolf’s Head Pierced by an Arrow *Background* The battle to eliminate the lycanthropes of the Loupenholt lasted three centuries …

  • Temple of Inspiration

    Temple of Inspiration (Avandra) *Main Goal* To support and encourage creativity and innovation *Alignment* Chaotic Good/Neutral *Symbol* Candle Flame casting a Shadow *Background* The Temple of Inspiration is at the heart of Muselier in …

  • Alda Sunder

    Alda has followed in the foot steps of her mother Torra. Her training has taken her to travelling around Arvanor and the Soro Valley. She has recently been working in the Sarten region.