Caer Rivermeet


One days travel by horse from either the City of Hawkmoon or Harpton, Rivermeet proper extends half a mile in all directions from the town’s center. Farmhouses and small clusters of buildings dot the landscape north of the two rivers. The center of Town, Caer Rivermeet is a walled settlement. In the unlikely case of an attack, the nearby townsmen would race into the town center to better withstand the enemy.

Like most towns in the Domain of Hawkmoon, the people of Rivermeet select their mayor, who is then beholden to the King Valdemar Hawkmoon. The residents of Rivermeet have elected the same mayor for the last two decades, the Elven Lady Rhiobhe Moonstar. Lady Moonstar is served admirably by the Captain of the Rivermeet Garrison, Dugan Narros.

The Lady’s influence however, and Rivermeet’s proximity to the Faded Forest give this community an air of the fey. Most trips to Ilminaris pass through Rivermeet and elven and eladrin travelers and visitors are more common here than anywhere else in the domain.

  1. Town Gates
  2. North Square
  3. Garwan’s Curiosities, curio and oddity shop
  4. Starra’s Knives, weaponsmith specializing in knives and daggers
  5. Green Tankard Inn
  6. Maran’s, general store
  7. Triple D Stables
  8. Nistral’s Smithy
  9. Manx Apothecary
  10. Rivermeet Garrison
  11. Tenements and Homes
  12. Rivermeet Temple
  13. Docks Gate
  14. Dockmaster
  15. Fisher’s Friend Pub
  16. Moonfire House
  17. Abandoned Tenement
  18. Hall of Antiquities
  19. Smithson Ironworks and the Smithson Family Home
  20. The Red Apple Inn
  21. Curuvar’s Tower
  22. Temple of Ioun
  23. West Garrison

Only a fraction of the people of Rivermeet live within the walls. Most live in farmsteads within a half mile of the walls. The following locations lay outside the walls, often at some distance.

About ten minutes north of the walls of Caer Rivermeet is Tower Curuvar, home of Curuvar the Brazen, Rivermeet’s resident wizard

There is a small shrine to Ioun known as the Shrine of the Eye west of the city walls

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Caer Rivermeet

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