Caldonia is the continent that first played host to the Titans of the Elemental Chaos, from the lands of Hjalmar where the borders between Arith and the Chaos is thin, Titan spilled over and established an empire that covered the entire north of the continent. Enslaving the primitive humans they encountered, the Titans also created slave races such as the orcs, goliaths, ogres and trolls, they then created the half-orcs to oversee their empire.

An invasion by the dragons of Draconis eventually toppled the Titan’s empire, leaving ruins from both sides strewn across the northern portion of the continent in the process. The Jendarr Barbarians, a mixture of humans from both the titan and dragon empires, claim most of the lands where the conflict took place. The Titan’s homeland Hjalmar still beckons adventurers of all types. The giants and the few titans that remain form isolated clans, but have never been able to claim their former glory.

From the far northwest of Caldonia, closest to the continent of Draconis, come sailors who call their land Petrovia. The Petrovians speak fondly of their frozen homeland, and also speak of the Kingdom of Dragonborn, Arkosia, across the straits from their lands.

East of the Westlands, divided forever by mountain ranges and Hjalmar are the lands of the Daravani Collective. The few people from this land speak of inner peace and harnessing the powers of mind and body.

Further south, beyond the Dustbowl and in the center of the continent, lies the great jungle called the N’Goto Expanse. Beyond the N’Goto, covering almost the entire southern portion of the continent are the Beastlands, a vast area of gnolls, bugbears, kenku, lizardfolk and other animal-like humanoids.

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