A year in Arith is said to officially start on the holiday known as Avandra’s Turning. The months are as follows:


  • Hearthseek
  • Deepwinter


  • Coldbreak
  • Planting
  • Flocktime


  • Fullsun
  • Goldenfields
  • Highsummer


  • Harvester
  • Brightleaf
  • Fullfalling


  • Wanesun

In addition to the above months, there are five additional holidays added to the calendar each year. Avandra’s Turning is the first, happening before the 1st day of Hearthseek. Melora’s Balance is the day of the spring equinox after the second ten-day of Coldbreak. Pelor’s Grace is the day of the summer solstice after the second ten-day of Fullsun. Erathis’ Balance is the day of the autumn equinox after the second ten-day of Harvester, and finally Raven’s Grace is the day of the winter solstice after the second ten-day of Sunsebb.

One additional day is added to the calendar every fourth year, called Pelor’s Tithe, which the priests of Pelor as God of Time insist must be inserted to keep the calendar accurate. Pelor’s Tithe is celebrated before the first day of Highsummer.

The year is made up of 12 months, each with 30 days. Each month is made up of three “ten-days”, so appointments made would sound something like the following.

Meet me on the 2nd 5th-day of Goldenfields.

Telling the time of day is an imprecise art. Most people divide the day up into periods. Each day starts at Dawn, then the Morning, Highsun and Afternoon periods. Each night starts with Dusk, then Evening, Mid-night, and Night’s Heart. In spite of this imprecision, most people make and keep appointments at all times of the day or night, often making appointments for late morning, early highsun and the like.

Dwarven artificers have begun to make clockwork apparatuses to measure time more precisely. They have divided the day and night up into 12 “bells” that their devices can measure. Most people think the devices are ridiculous.

So you may be called to meet with your guildmaster on mid-afternoon of the 3rd, 2nd day of Harvester.

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