City of Hawkmoon



Caer Greycastle. The center of power for the domain, Caer Greycastle started as a small keep built by Greylan Hawkmoon when he was granted title to the domain by the Emperor of Arvanor. That small keep has since grown into a great castle. The current Lord, Valdemar Hawkmoon, and his court resides in Caer Greycastle. Just outside the castle gates is the citadel of the Knights of Hawkmoon.

Bay View. Due west of Greycastle, nestled between the castle and the wealthy West End, is the neighborhood of Bay View. Overlooking Dockside, but with none of the stink and noise, Bay View houses the wheels of government. Mixed in this middle class neighborhood are courts and civic buildings, all giving Bay Viewers the sense that they run the city.

Coppers. South of Silvers, where the breeze brings up the smells of Dockside, Coppers was originally considered to be part of Silvers, the smell drove wealthier businesses north, leaving only the poorer businessmen left. When the war drove refugees north to Hawkmoon, Lord Ervinal Hawkmoon undertook a massive building project in Coppers and created a lot of homes for Hawkmoon’s new residents. Unfortunately, those who could afford better quickly left. Now Coppers is the poorest district in Hawkmoon, and those families who can leave as soon as they are able.

Dockside. Dockside is always bustling with activity. Ships being loaded and unloaded, sailors looking for a good time and a good drink. Dockhands running errands to and fro. Fishermen leaving to get the days catch, and returning with their goods. Some of the worst practices in other port cities, press gangs, pirates and are kept in check by a vigilant city watch, but Dockside is still not the safest place to be after nightfall. Ironically, the ever present winds blowing out of the west keep the worst of the smells in check, blowing the stench east to the Coppers district.

Gates. Gates is considered to be the neighborhood right outside the west gate of Hawkmoon. This small community is always abuzz with activity. With the establishment of Westham, Gates began to cater to those residents who would rather not enter the city for goods and services. Gates has since become a thriving market neighborhood.

Groveside. Outside the city walls, Groveside runs on its own schedule. An enclave of elves and eladrin, Groveside has a feel all of its own. Its residents spend hours in the Nollinswood, which provides a barrier between it and the city walls. Its oldest resident, an eladrin named Jaemanthar Starsong, it’s the de-facto leader of Groveside. Most of the elves and eladrin, though loyal citizens of Hawkmoon, refer problems and concerns to Jaemanthar rather than city officials.

North End. The North End is an upper-middle class neighborhood stretching between Tomes in the east to the West End in the southwest. It also includes some of the manor buildings just outside the city walls north of Gates. The people of the North End think very highly of themselves, and many of the shops and services here run on the pricy side. There is some disagreement on exactly where the West End stops and the North End begins, and residents near the unofficial border can get into serious fights about the dividing line.

Silvers. The heart of the city, according to most, Silvers got its name from the amount of currency that changes hands each day. Most buildings in Silvers have a shop on the bottom floor and usually one or two upper stories which house the shopkeeper’s family and possibly a tenant or two.

Three Spires. Three Spires was named for the three towers of the Prismatic Order located east of the city walls. A neighborhood sprung up north of the three towers which has capitalized on the needs of the Order. Here drinking establishments for apprentices, bookstores, inns for visiting families and even shops dealing in esoteric and hard to find items exist.

Tomes. Tomes is a quiet district dominated by the University of Hawkmoon and the great library. During the day, students and professors can be seen running to classes in half a dozen buildings radiating out from the main university building. At night, the local taverns are crawling with those same students. Also, scholars from all over the domain come to Tomes to visit and research at the Great Library.

West End. The wealthiest district in the City of Hawkmoon, the west end sits atop a cliff far above Dockside. The views from the manor houses here are spectacular, and most homes and townhouses boast rooftop decks or tower rooms to take advantage of the view. The shops here are considered the best in the city, and are often better priced than shops in the North End considering the quality of the goods for sale.

Westham. Westham was founded by those residents looking for a home outside the city walls. Westham boasts some fine shops and eating establishments and has become a second haven for the city’s elite.

Northam. Northam is one of the newest districts in Hawkmoon, barely a decade old. Unlike Westham, it is more of a draw for the common citizen looking to escape the walls of the city.

Eastdock. Eastdock could almost be considered an extension of Dockside outside the walls. As Hawkmoon became more of a trading center, Dockside eventually outgrew its boundaries. Caught between the bay, the cliff walls, and Coppers, the only option for expanding the docks were to go outside the city walls. However, having Eastdock outside of the walls alarmed a city watch dealing with smugglers. The watch patrol Eastdock in a way they have never canvassed Dockside, so Eastdock has become the “more respectable” of the two districts.

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City of Hawkmoon

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