Coalstone's Baubles

Porbell s pawnshop

Run by the dwarf Sigrida Coalstone, Daughter of Kelvin Coalstone of Coalstone Jewelers in the North End, Coalstone’s Baubles is a relatively new enterprise in Gates.

Originally the site of Porbell’s Pawnshop. When Senric Porbell mysteriously disappeared, the shop sat abandoned for a few months. Kelvin Coalstone saw the value in the property and decided to purchase the place for his daughter to run a costume jewelery store. After the purchase, Kelvin found out that the place was supposedly haunted.

He turned to his friends on the watch, who put him in touch with Calbraith Morcom, a sergeant of the Nightwatchmen who happened to know of a group pf adventurers who may be able to help. Kelvin offered the group a reduced rent on the upstairs apartment and anything left by the previous owner.

The group ended up routing out the squatters, and finding the source of the hauntings. While Sigrida moved in to the shop, the adventurers moved in above, or at least their elven manservant Ondath began cleaning the place up for them while they were out adventuring.

Upon the adventurers’ return, they stopped a shakedown of Sigrida by the Veiled Society. The Coalstones were so grateful that they offered the party free rent on the apartment for as long as they chose to stay. With Ondath visiting daily to keep the place and Coalstone’s Baubles beginning to bring in some good business, this shop is one of the up-and-coming shops in the district.

Sigrida Coalstone

Sigrida coalstone

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Coalstone's Baubles

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