Domain of Hawkmoon

Once the northernmost province in the Empire of Arvanor, Hawkmoon was spared from the civil war by its relative unimportance. The Lord Hawkmoon at the time claimed neutrality from the conflict and defended itself several times from Darcos, Brineven and even Tarnauld. It attracted self-sufficient folk and has worked hard to make peace with the Jendarri and the various demi-human settlements of the frontier.

The current Domain of Hawkmoon was gifted to Greylan Hawkmoon by Emperor Marcus Flavius Trianus 30 years before the fracturing of the Empire for service against the Jendarr Barbarians. The initial settlement, Hawkmoon, started out as a small village north of the River Celindria. That village grew rapidly into a small town, and eventually into the modern City of Hawkmoon. As more settlers came, villages began spreading northward from the city.

The forest south of the river had a fey quality to it, with areas sometimes fading in and out of reality. Hawkmoon made contact with the inhabitants of the Faded Forest, meeting initially with elven rangers and gradually meeting gnome and eladrin lords of the forest.

Early in his reign, Lord Hawkmoon received a contingent of dwarves from the Iron Hills. These dwarves came seeking trade, and dwarven wares from the Iron Hills and their relatives in the Whitecrown Mountains soon began arriving, further increasing the wealth of the new domain. Some of the younger dwarves, seeking opportunities among the humans, also began settling among the people of Hawkmoon.

Greylan’s biggest concern was the nearness of the Jendarr Barbarians to the north. In his years of fighting these men, he had come to respect them and their ways. But years of warfare waged by the lord of the new domain created a distrust and hatred that would not be easy to overcome. Greyaln gave strict orders to his men and patrols that the Jendarri were not to be engaged with except in self-defense or the defense of others. Many of his men chafed at the new restrictions, and some defied the new orders, but over time the command stuck.

When the Empire of Arvanor collapsed, and the city-states brought in the humanoid mercenaries that eventually turned on them, the King of Darcos decided to annex Hawkmoon. Sending three regiments north, two of them orcish mercenaries, the general chose a classic pincer movement. The orcs would travel far north and come upon Hawkmoon from that direction, while the men of Darcos would attack from the south, after the orcs had softened up the target. The orcs, free from human oversight, began raiding and pillaging the land as they sought to enclose the domain. The dwarves of the Iron Hills contacted both Hawkmoon and the Jendarri, and aided by their dwarven brethren from Dralgamor attacked the orcs in a four-pronged attack. For the first time, Jendarri and Hawkmoon forces fought together against the invaders, allied with the dwarves of hill and mountain. Turning south, the forces of Hawkmoon, led by the Knights of Hawkmoon and bolstered by their allies, were prepared for the attack by the men of Darcos and drove them back to their city.

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Domain of Hawkmoon

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