Founded millennia before the founding of the Empire of Arvanor, Elteare is one of the sister cities of the Gendeau people and originally their capital. Myth suggests that the Gendeau were once ruled by a sorcerer-king and that Vecna may have been the last sorcerer-king of the Gendeau before being betrayed by his general, Kas the Destroyer.

The islands (Isole) that make up the bulk of the city are not natural formations. There is evidence that they were raised from the ocean by powerful rituals long-since forgotten. While the bridge system connects every island, gondolas are used as a main source of transportation between the islands and the gondoliers live comfortably plying their trade.

Each Isole has its own local sewer system, which connect to deeper sewers that run under the islands and canals. Magical guards and wards are used liberally in the sewers to protect the city from potential threats. The deep sewers empty out, not to the bay, but to three huge waste refineries under the mainland where the sewerage is magically treated, preserving the beauty and bounty of the bay.

City Districts

Isole Publica
Isole Prismatica
Champe d’ Magistal
Promenade Giardino
Port du’ Arsenale
Isole Academia
Centro Merciante
Terra Mercanix

Elteare’s People

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