Empire of Arvanor

Settled by refugees and political dissidents of Ancient Khepnefera, Arvanor was an up-and-coming power when Khepnefera disappeared beneath the sands of the Dustbowl. From its original capital of Theopolis, Arvanor spread out, assimilating the local tribes into their culture as they expanded. When the last Emperor of Arvanor passed away, the kings based in each major city-state began vying for the throne. When men finally tired of fighting, they brought in monstrous humanoids from the Wildlands and Hjalmar. Eventually they lost control of the humanoids. The city-states put up a fight against their former mercenaries, but the loss of large portions of their kingdoms and the destruction of smaller towns and villages diminished each of them. The destruction of Darcos by the orcs finally convinced the remaining city-states to cease hostilities against one another and focus on the true enemies. Each city-state controls the immediate area around its walls, but the miles between the states are hostile terrain ruled by the humanoids.

The remaining city-states include Calastan, Murena, Aradoran, Elteare, Sarten, Brineven, and Tarnauld. Darcos, once the military power of the northern empire, was completely overrun by the orcish mercenaries and has now become a city of monsters.

The History of Arvanor


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Empire of Arvanor

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