The denizens of World of Arith follow and worship many gods. Myth tells of a time when the Gods had immortal forms, but after the Dawn War which saw the defeat of the Primordials by the Gods, the Gods ascended and became something more. All of the Ascended left behind their courts, their divine children, their Demigods, Chosen and Angels to continue their work and worship.

To further confuse the will of the Ascended, two followers of the same god may have very different messages. Every Ascended has a number of aspects. For example, Bane is often worshiped by soldiers as the Great General, and several of Bane’s angels, exarchs and demigods focus on this aspect only, downplaying his aspect as God of Tyranny. In Calastan, Pelor is worshiped in his aspect of the Lawbringer, an inflexible ruler of the gods. Divine casters still receive miracles from the gods regardless of which aspect they follow. Most good and evil gods have at least one more neutral aspect. While the followers of the Gods often war with one another, the greatest conflicts are often between sects worshipping different aspects of the same God.

In addition, different cultures worship different gods. While Kord is the God of Strength and Storm, the Jendarri worship Thor as the God of Storm and the Arvanorans once called the God of Strength Hercules. This may be because the language of the angels, Supernal, is heard by any listeners as if spoken in their own language. Sages often wonder if these Gods are the same beings and if so, what the true names of the gods might be in their own language.

With the Shattering of the Lattice and the return of the Ascended, the pantheon has undergone significant changes, forgotten Gods have returned or been reborn and lesser Gods have risen in power to take their place in the Core Pantheon.

The Gods are represented as Pantheons. The following lists the most prevalent pantheons in the Westlands of Arith.


The New Gods

Asmodeus is the Archdevil of Baator who seeks to overthrow the Gods, he passes on divine powers that the gods have negotiated to him for his legions’ participation in divine wars. While not a god himself, his followers gather in structures resembling churches and temples.

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