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Hillsboro is a quiet community located near the center of the Kron Hills. A collection of homes and businesses that sprung up around the local mining trade, Hillsboro has become the first community to be visited by the local farmers, trappers and miners. Though Hillsboro has recently seen a lot of growth, for most of its existence it’s been a sleepy, back-water community and that fits many of its residents just fine.


  • Laverick Castle
  • The New Village Hall
  • Lucky Landon’s Inn
  • Cuthred’s Trading Post
  • The Church of Saint Zellin
  • Jaroo’s Grove
  • Market Square
  • Fargrim’s Smithy
  • Melarn’s Fine Jewels
  • Pharad’s Brewery

There are many local businesses and farmhouses including a miller, leatherworker, weaver, tailor, cabinetmaker, potter, carpenter and stonemason.


Hillsboro started out as a place where local hill folk, miners and trappers alike would come to seek advice from the local druids. The druid grove currently tended by Jaroo predates the village. The Carrick family noted the potential and gained permission from the druids to build a small inn near their grove. Soon a trading post and houses began sprouting up.

That was the way Hillsboro stayed until about 50 years ago, when the Temple of Chaos began attacking and raiding miners and farmers alike. The village elders sent out criers seeking sell-swords to combat the growing problems. Once the extent of the temple, and the involvement of a Daughter of Erythnul, was discovered the Queen of Brineven sent her armies to crush the temple, and they based themselves in the tiny hamlet of Hillsboro. Though unable to destroy the temple or defeat the demon lord, they crushed the human and humanoid followers and sealed the demon lord away.

About ten years ago, a band of local youth, led by a wizard from Brineven City named Brand made quite a name for themselves clearing the local area of brigands and monsters. Called Brand’s Badgers, the group consisted on the wizard Brand Laverick, the ranger Reynulf, a young priestess of the Sun Fane named Y’Dey, the fighter Otis and the elven thief Murfles. Reynulf, Y’Dey and Otis were actually from Hillsboro. Brand’s Badgers became the talk of Hillsboro, and soon Brand was granted the Title Lord Mayor of Hillsboro for his leadership in clearing the land. Coming to an understanding with the local druid Jaroo, Brand began developing the resources of the hamlet. Y’Dey began constructing a church of the Sun Fane, dedicated to a Saint she personally followed, Saint Zellin and Reynulf started training with the Royal Rangers, they Feryth Aran and was appointed Sheriff of the Kron Hills.

A few years ago, bandit activity began to increase and humanoid raids were on the rise. At first Brand’s Badgers thought they could handle the unrest themselves. Y’Dey, Otis and Murfles left Hillsboro to combat the growing threats, while Brand and Reynulf considered their next moves.

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