Current day Hjalmar was once the center of a vast empire ruled by the Titans and their giant subjects. The veil between Arith and the Elemental Chaos is thin here, and zones of chaos often manifest here. It was through these zones, that the first titans found Arith after their lords, the Primordials were defeated in the Dawn War against the gods. They established themselves in this strange new world, and soon brought their subjects into Arith as well.

The titan empire eventually spread throughout the northern lands of Caldonia, the titans created several slave races to aid their empire, including goliaths, orcs, ogres and trolls. The goliaths proved too stubborn to control, and soon retreated to the mountaintops to escape from their masters, while the orcs, ogres and trolls were too savage and too stupid aid the titans without significant oversight. The giants then created the half-orcs as overseers of the others. The half-orcs were made lords of the orcish hordes.

Eventually the tales say that the titans set their sites on the continent of Draconis, and began to invade the dragon continent. Victory after victory followed over the divided and contentious dragons, and it looked like the titans would overrun and subjugate Draconis as well as Caldonia.

The stories say that the dragons, faced with defeat as individuals, came together in a Council of Wyrms. The Council formed an army of dragons and their subjects, the Dragonborn, kobolds, beastmen and humanoids of Draconis. With dragonflights leading the way, the armies led by the Dragonborn swept the titan armies off the continent of Draconis and back to the lands of current day Hjalmar.

In Hjalmar, the titans were impregnable. The manifest zones to the elemental chaos, which the titans had mastered, proved to be too much of an advantage against the dragons. Surveying their damage, thousands of titans dead and ruins of giant cities littering the continent, the dragons returned to Draconis.

The titan empire never recovered. Titans are rare now in Arith, and the titans of the current age are but a pale imitation of the titan lords of old. The giants gather in clans, but have never established the grand cities of yore, though they occasionally inhabit the ruins of cities of that lost age. The slave races of the giants rebelled at the giant’s weakest, and now follow their own path.

Current-day Hjalmar is a dangerous land, manifest zones and wandering tribes of giants make an expedition here very foolhardy, but the tales of artifacts and treasure from the days of the titans lures many fools to this land. Those who return are often regarded as heroes, though most never return.

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