Jendarr Barbarians

The Jendarr Barbarians, or Jendarri are an amalgamation of many different people. Following the ways of the spirits and nature, the Jendarri listen to their druids and shamen for spiritual advice and aid. Covering the northern portion of the continent of Caldonia, the Jendarri are the remnants of humans who once served as slaves in both the titans’ and the dragons’ empire, if the oral tradition of their skalds can be believed. When the two empires clashed and retreated they left more than just the ruins of both civilizations littering the landscape, they left their slave races behind. Humans from both sides of the conflict joined together, rejecting the ways of either master.

The Jendarri druids and shamen eventaully made contact with the spirits, who have guided the barbarians since those early days. They gather in tribes and clans, many of which are nomadic. In the far north, a group of Jendarri called the Akimo build hemispherical homes out of the ice that covers that area. While along the coast, the Vokan tribes build longships, and spread terror up and down the coast with their raiding. Yet all of the different tribes call themselves Jendarri, and even fierce enemies rally together against non-Jendarri.

The Jendarri west of the Whitecrown Mountains were once at war with the Arvanoran Empire of the south. An Arvanoran named Greylan Hawkmoon led a series of engagements against the Jendarri. Greylan was given a land grant north of the River Faladrin, a great way north of any lands that Arvanor had claim. Greylan then did the unexpected, he sent out envoys and scouts to make peace with the Jendarri. Though initially suspicious, the Jendarri eventually accepted that this southern lord was different. It took years for the mistrust to fade enough that the two divergent people to no longer see each other as enemies. How many years might it take for them to see each other as allies?

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Jendarr Barbarians

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