Knights of Hawkmoon

Also known as Hawk Knights for short, the Knights of Hawkmoon were formed by Greylan Hawkmoon on the founding of his domain. Greylan tasked his best officers to create an organization to pursue justice and to protect the Domain from threats, both external and internal.

Independent of the military, and answerable only the the Lord of the Domain, the Knights can dispense justice in any of the communities in Hawkmoon, investigating any activity that raises their suspicions. They have dealt with corrupt tax collectors and tyrannical nobles.

The Knights of Hawkmoon take as their three oaths, Loyalty, Wisdom, and Justice. Loyalty is a Knight’s commitment to a higher authority. Wisdom is the ability to combine knowledge, experience, understanding and common sense with insight. Justice is applying that wisdom and using it to defend and further the Domain of Hawkmoon.

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Knights of Hawkmoon

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