Bundhausen lakeshore

1. Temple of Berronar

Standing proud on the shores of Lake Sozial, the Temple of Berronar is the heart of the Lakeshore community. Though Moradin may rule the dwarves, Berronar brings them together and unites them. Falrim Glanur is young for a high priest of Berronar and a male to boot, but few dwarves know the cantons as well as he does. He leads a group of seven acolytes who see to the day to day operations of the Temple.

2. Tunnel Station

The Morhann clan is second only to the Bundhaus clan in the canton, and Odwinde Morhann’s position as Master of Tunnels cements her families importance. The Tunnel Station is almost directly outside the larger southern tunnel, and all travelers are directed by the guards to report to the tunnel station. This is done for two reasons. The tunnels are not as safe as the dwarves would have strangers believe, so the Master to Tunnels arranges groups heading to the same location to travel together. Also, all of the tunnel stations are connected, so if someone sets out from Templeforge and doesn’t make it to Bundhausen within an appropriate time-frame, the Master of Tunnels sends a detachment of dwarves to investigate.

3. Tunnel’s End Inn

Nalkas Stormsilver runs a good sized inn near the southern tunnel. As the largest and most inviting inn in Bundhausen, Nalkas gets most of the clientele traveling the cantons, which suits the other inns just fine. A typical room rents for 6 sp per night, while more luxurious rooms rent for 15 sp. Stabling is another 5 sp per night. Food and drink are reasonable and average another 5 sp per meal, but travelers who seek a night of drunken revelry are sent to the Frothy Mug, Nalkas has informed his staff to stop serving any customer who seems inebriated.

4. The Frothy Mug

The Frothy Mug is the place to go for drinking, gaming and revelry. Over the years, dwarves living in the vicinity of the Mug have moved out, and now the Mug is surrounded on all sides by local businesses that close their doors by nightfall. The tavernkeeper, Tholand Stronghide is a former adventurer, can often be seen drinking with his customers even though he never seems to get drunk.

5. Durgane’s Durables

Anana Durgane runs the general store in Lakeshore which deals mainly with travelers. Anana is pleasant, but businesslike and although she is somewhat trusting, she keeps eye on everyone in her store.

6. The Watch

Dogol Redwarden is the Captain of the Guard in Lakeshore. Stern and unapologetic, Dogol’s patrols are a constant presence on the streets of the district. Dogol’s also requires that his troops spend a few hours a day in training exercises. If something comes out of the east or south tunnels, Dogol knows that his men will have to hold it off until the Warthane rallies his men in Cliffside.

7. The Call of Therassor

Vonthic Borefal runs The Call of Therassor, a stuffy and pretentious inn that prefers to cater to dwarves. Beds and furnishings are sized for dwarves, and are uncomfortable for the larger folk. The Inn is named for a great dwarven warrior who legend says stood his ground on the location of the inn and held off a duergar invasion from one of the tunnels. His signal horn sounded and echoed off the walls of the valley and called the garrison from Cliffside, who arrived just to see Therassor fall.

8. Moeroric Thadrunn

The Thadrunn clan is another powerful clan in Bundhausen and in the kingdom-wide smith’s guild. Moeroric Thadrunn is considered most to be one of most accomplished smiths of the current generation. His shop displays many ornate weapons and armor, but also an assortment of masterwork weapons as well as the occasional magical weapons and armor, all for a premium price.

9. Bearbone’s Mail

Boldrid Bearbone smiths and sells all types of armor and shields. While not as ornate as Moeroric’s goods, Boldrid makes serviceable armor at a reasonable price and doesn’t try to compete with the master smith.

10. Barya’s Superior Armaments

Barya Anviltooth considers herself every bit the equal of Moeroric, and the weapons she smiths are often as good as the Master Smith. Unfortunately, every time Barya’s crafts her masterwork to gain the rank of master smith, something goes wrong. She is beginning to suspect clan Thadrunn of sabotage, but has no proof.

11. Arkal’s Apothecary

Entering Arkal’s Apothecary, customers are often greeted by the ash-covered face of Glorthic Arkal. Glorthic is an experimenter, and his experiments usually end up with a bang. Glorthic does have talent and an innate understanding of the reagents and compounds that he works with, however, neighbors think that its just a matter of time before one of his accidents takes him out as well.

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