Lonely Coast


The Lonely Coast

Nestled along the coast, about halfway between the City of Hawkmoon and Tarnauld lies a region known as the Lonely Coast. Settled initially by Darcos, the Lonely Coast was an important land route between the two Kingdoms. Now few people travel the route.

The inhabitants of the Lonely Coast are independent, paying fealty to neither of their more-powerful neighbors. The town of Owlshead acts as the regional capitol and is still ruled by the Dimmeroch Family. When the Empire was whole, Owlshead was considered a Duchy of Darcos and the Dimmeroch’s still use the title of Duke and Duchess.

Towns and Communities


Natural Features

Cragstream River

The Cragstream is a smaller river originating in the Horgen Hills and emptying in to the Ladindel. Not an especially wide or deep river, the Cragstream was notable for a shallow ford just before emptying into the Ladindel. That ford allowed caravans to cross the stream and camp at the fork of the two rivers before ferrying across the wider and deeper Ladindel. This was the birth of the village of Owlsford, which is now known as Owlshead.

River Ladindel

Named by the elves, this wide river flows from Laughing Hollow – a hilly region named for the wood elf forest near its center. The river is fed by the many streams in Laughing Hollow and is relatively peaceful while in the hill region. The current picks up as one heads west and becomes dangerous once the Cragstream feeds into it at Owlshead. Two miles west of the fork, the Ladindel falls hundreds of feet over a series of cliffs before flowing another mile or so out to the Sea of Swords.

The Ladindel is responsible for the first human settlement on the Lonely Coast. Owlshead started as a fortified ferry station to cross the river. The river is a fair source of fish for the settlers of the Lonely Vale, but tales are told of giant gar and packs of quippers that can strip a man alive in less than a minute. Other tales tell of river fey, nixies, nerieds and river sprites who call the Ladindel home.

An old road follows the Ladindel past the many falls and leads to an abandoned Manor House overlooking the bay from atop a windswept cliff. The manor is thought to be haunted.

Laughing Hollow

The name of both the hill region east of Owlshead and the elder forest deep in those hills, Lauging Hollow is considered a magical place. The woods of Laughing Hollow still shelter a tribe of wood elves many consider to be one of the oldest tribes of elves south of the Soro Valley. The elves are extremely reclusive, but not aggressive like their counterparts in the Tuathwold.

In addition to the wood elf tribe, two locations of note can be found in the hills of Laughing Hollow, Nial’s Hold and Fardelve. Nial’s Hold is a small human hold of perhaps 50 residents. Fardelve was a dwarven mining colony abandoned three centuries ago.

Common Knowledge


The Duchy of Dimmeroch was granted to the Duke’s ancestors by the Commodore of Darcos. The Duchy stretches from the Faded Forest in the North to the Horgen Hills in the south and east to Laughing Hollow. Dragongate Castle was considered a property of Darcos and not part of the Duchy.

Since the civil war, the current Duke Dimmeroch has expanded his domain somewhat. Dunbarton’s Hill once reported to the Council of Merchants in Tarnauld, but the difficulty of traversing the Horgen Hills left the city magistrate no choice but to swear allegaince to Owlshead. Liam’s Hold is a bit east f the Ducky’s traditional border, but also answers to the Duke.

Conston’s Hold, Niall’s Hold and Dunbarton’s Hill swear loyalty to the duke, and the rins of the Hallerden Estate and the haunted manor are also considered part of the duchy. The elven Talerdigh family also considers itself part of the duchy, although they have roots and ties to Laughing Hollow and the King of the Hollow.

The two Jendarri steddings, Olafstead and Kratys Freehold have not sworn loyalty to the Duke, but freely trade with the duchy. It is unknown if the duke will attempt to incorporate the steddings or leave them be.

The return of Commodore Ulric Eisenhart poses many problems for the Duke. As Commodore of Darcos, the Duke should be beholden to the Commodore, except that the Commodore has yet to prove his title. Eisenburg is a smaller town that Owlshead, even if it is growing rapidly with Darcan repatriates. The Commodore has declared war of the orc horde inhabiting the City of Darcos, which could end up costing the Lonely Coast its peace.

The Duke has excellent relations with the elven and eladrin enclaves in the area, both Ilminaris and Laughing Hollow consider Owlshead an ally.

The Council of Merchants in Tarnauld barely give the Lonely Coast much thought, and the Horgen Hills now pose quite a barrier for the city-state. The Kingdom of Hawkmoon has taken more of an interest in the Lonely Coast, but the King Valdemar of Hawkmoon seems to be more interested in working with the duke, rather than usurping his lands.


Owlshead boasts four temples to Pelor, Torm, Avandra and Melora while Eisenburg also has a temple dedicated to Torm, but also one dedicated to Bane in his aspect as the Great General. The Baron of Conston’s Hold is a worshipper of Bane as well, believing that adherence to order and discipline is what has kept the hold safe from the lizardfolk for so long. Correlon and Sehanine, along with the other Seldarine, are widely worshipped by the elves, though no grand temples to the Seldarine exist outside of Ilminaris.

Dunbarton’s Hill has a shrine to Erathis, tended by a local priest. Other than that, traveling priests of other deities are common in the Lonely Coast area.

It is important to note that the Temple of Melora in Owslhead pays respect not only to Mother-Arith, but her children, the spirits of the world. Druids are welcome to practice their faith there.


The elven and eladrin mages of Ilminaris follow their own ways and have their own arcanist guilds, often dedicated to Corellon as the God of Magic. The Spellgard and the Moonbright Mages’ Guild are the foremost orders of arcanists in the Faded Forest. Duergan the Blue of Owlshead is a mage of the Prismatic Order, though no local chapter exists and the court wizard is a mage of the Arcanum.

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Lonely Coast

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