Loupenholt Watchers

Main Goal
To protect the elven settlements of the Loupenholt from threats

Neutral Good

Wolf’s Head Pierced by an Arrow

The battle to eliminate the lycanthropes of the Loupenholt lasted three centuries before the elven advance from the Feywild finally eliminated the threat. Knowing that the new elven settlements in the forest were young and required protection, three ranger lords, veterans of the battle formed the Loupenholt Watchers to scout the forest, and find and eliminate burgeoning threats to the settlements.

To see the Loupenholt become a true fey forest, safe for elves and their allies.

Good Class Choices Ranger, Rogue, Druid, Barbarian
Challenging Class Choices None

A prospective Watcher must be recommended by Watcher and seconded by at least two others. Most candidates are sent on a mission once recommended to prove themselves to the other Watchers. While not limited to elves and half-elves, non-fey are rare – and none have been inducted in any meeting containing Marael.

Arnuth Ruadrimme (male eladrin), Marael Lamvanna (female elf) and Erthar Jaralel (male elf) are the three Watcher Lords who formed the Watchers. In any meeting at the secret safehouses scattered through the forest, Marael and Erthar act more as “first among equals”, while Arnuth, the eldest, seems to enjoy being in command. Marael usually brings up human encroachment of the forest in addition to other threats.

Type Ranger Society
Scale Local (Loupenholt Forest)

Forest Friend
Guardian Watcher (Guardian)
Watcher Lord

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Loupenholt Watchers

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