Many organizations exist in Arith and a complete list of organizations would be impossible to provide, but as the saying goes, “all politics is local”. Even kingdom-spanning organizations such as the Arcanum are broken up into different branches, and each branch is an organization unto itself. Only at the upper tiers of an organization does a member see the big picture.

When a character joins an organization, they can begin to earn Prestige in that organization. Prestige represents the political sway a person has within the group, and can be spent to gain favors, access goods and services, or request boons from the organization.

Each character should keep track of two values, their Total Prestige Amount(TPA) and their Current Prestige Amount (CPA). Current Prestige is the amount of sway or political pull you have in the organization. You earn Prestige by completing quests and assignments for the group as well as supporting their goals and agendas, you spend Prestige to gain favors and boons from the group.

Total Prestige is the greatest amount of current prestige you have earned in the group. It only increases when your Current Prestige Amount increases beyond your Total Prestige and can only be decreased by taking actions that run contrary to the well-being of the organization or its main goals or agendas. Certain amounts of Total Prestige are often prerequisites for earning rank in the guild or requesting certain boons from the organization.

If the character wishes to “transfer” to another branch of the organization (in another city or kingdom), he can ask for letters of introduction etc. from his current branch (which costs 2 CPA for any organization). His Total Prestige and any Ranks Earned is duplicated in the new branch, but he begins with half of his current CPA (before spending the 2, rounded up). He now needs to track TPA and CPA in each branch separately.

Example: Tinvalian is a young Eladrin (high eleven) mage and is an apprentice of the Prismatic Order in Hawkmnoon. He has earned enough Prestige to bring his Total Prestige and Current Prestige Amounts to 3, but has pulled some strings to copy a spell he needs for his next adventure (spending 1 CPA, bringing his CPA to 2, but having no effect on his TPA). He is assigned and completes a mission for the Order (earning 1 Prestige) and in doing so discovered a unique and previously unknown ritual which he loans to the Order for study (earning another Prestige point). His CPA increases to 4, which also brings his TPA to 4 as well. He is on his way to the minimum of 5 TPA to earn his robes and be considered a Red Wizard.

A few years later, Tinvalian’s adventures and companions take him to Brineven, where the party sets down roots. He has earned the rank of Red Wizard and currently has 7 TPA and 5 CPA in Hawkmoon’s Order. He requests letters of introduction from Hawkmoon for 2 CPA and joins the Brineven order as a Red Wizard with 7 TPA and 3 CPA (half of 5, rounded up). He still retains his affiliation and rank in Hawkmoon with 7 TPA and 3 CPA (5 minus the 2 spent).

(Note: These rules are a modified version of the Pathfinder Faction Rules)

Not a Member
Every character may begin play as a member of an organization. However, adventurers are often powerful individuals, known for upsetting the status quo and causing mischief. Most Organizations keep track of the adventurers in their communities. Characters will find that each organization has an attitude towards the adventurers (from hated to beloved) shared by most members of that organization, based on the actions and adventures the characters have undertaken. An organization would have to be “interested” based on the character’s actions before offering that character membership. Once a member, the Prestige system takes over.

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