Ruins of Westbrook


Westbrook was once a thriving new town on the route between Brineven and the new Domain of Hawkmoon. During the civil wars that destroyed the Empire of Arvanor, Westbrook found itself very much alone. The armies of Brineven, as with many of the city-states, had to withdraw just to protect the immediate lands around the city. The gnolls that Brineven had hired so willingly began sacking and looting its domain.

Even then, Westbrook may have survived. The Lord of Hawkmoon at the time sent his forces out to protect the town, but those forces were intercepted by the armies of Darcos, seeing in Hawkmoon’s mustering an upstart regent with eyes on the Empire. When the gnolls came, Westbrook stood alone. Some say that on certain nights, the sounds of baying and the cries of townsfolk can be heard on the winds.

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Ruins of Westbrook

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