Bundhausen upper scar

S1. Mountain’s Gifts

Possibly one of the most unusual business in Upper Scar is Mountain’s Gifts, a trading post for the goliath clans of the Whitecrowns. The goliath Kueri Horncaller runs this business after a fall left her lame in the right leg. Goliaths throughout the Whitecrowns trade at this post run by one of their own.

Bundhausen   the scar

S2. Gearhome

Located in Lower Scar, Gearhome is the base for the warforged in Bundhausen. Led by Steelgleam, commander of the Bundhausen warforged, Gearhome started as a single level barracks. The warforged have dug out many other layers below the main barracks, and no one knows exactly how large the complex is to date, except for its occupants.

S3. Deeprock Inn

Azli Deeprock runs the Deeprock Inn, a quiet inn located in Lower Scar. The Deeprock Inn is off one of the main thoroughfares in Lower Scar. The Inn is not as spacious as Tunnel’s End in Lakeshore, but it has a good number of rooms below the main floor. The main floor back onto the Scar chasm, and balconies stretch out somewhat into the rift. Some of the lower rooms also have views of the chasm.

S4. Frost’s

Located on one of the back tunnels in Lower Scar, Quartzfrost the Artificer specializes in works of magic. Though he once lived in Gearhome, Quartzfrost left the barracks and set out to make a life on his own. He still does business with Gearhome and warforged components make up a good portion of his inventory.

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