The Westlands

Located on the western shore of the continent of Caldonia, the Westlands enjoys a temperate climate. Winds from the south generally bring warmer air to this northern clime, making the winters cold and snowy, but bearable.

Up until recently, the Westlands has been dominated politically by the Empire of Arvanor. The fracturing of the empire has left this once great nation a collection of city-states and the relatively unscathed Domain of Hawkmoon, located in the Soro Valley and last of the provinces settled by the empire.

To the north of the Soro Valley is the lands of the Jendarr Barbarians, while to the east the Whitecrown Mountains forms a barrier between the valley and the Wildlands. Across the Wildlands, Lake Rumael, one of the largest bodies of water on the continent, separates the Wildlands from Hjalmar, the Giant Lands.

East of Arvanor and south of the Wildlands lie the Endless Plains, home to the halfling nomads who live a nomadic lifestyle with their dinosaur mounts. South of the Endless Plains, a traveler would find the Malechan Penninsula, home to the Malechani Hierarchy, a realm dedicated to Asmodeus and his quest to overthrow the gods and replace it with infernal law.

The Malechani Hierarchy and the Empire of Arvanor both trace their roots back to Ancient Khepnefera, which self-destructed long ago and now only exists as legends and the occasional tomb or pyramid clawing its way out of the sands of the Dustbowl. Nomads on camels wander the Dustbowl, and a few grand cities ruled by sultans line the edges of that wasteland.

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