The Wildlands were originally settled by the giant kingdoms, and this is where the bulk of the giant/dragon war was fought. The dragons brought their massed armies of beastfolk (kobolds, bugbears, gnolls, lizardfolk, kenku etc., all led by the Dragonborn) while the giants brought forth their own forces (orcs, goliaths, ogres, trolls etc., led by half-orcs).

Near the Whitecrown Mountains, the Dragonborn settlement of Krall has befriended the dwarven kingdom of Dralgamor. Other Dragonborn settlements are scattered throughout the Wildlands. The population of most Dragonborn settlements are made up of Dragonborn , lizardfolk and kobolds, who often act as the “hired help”.

The other race to have significant settlements are the half-orcs. Raised by the titan overlords to be the leaders of the orcish armies, for the most part the half-orcs have lost their place in orcish society. Without the backing on the titans and their heirs, the giants, many orc tribes killed their half-orc lords, which usually resulted in reducing those tribes to savagery. Some orc tribes still follow the old ways, with the more intelligent half-orcs still leading. Many half-orcs chose to seek out their own kind and have created settlements that are overwhelmingly half-orcs with minorities of other humanoids. The largest of those is Gredanost, in the south-central portion of the Wildlands. It was here that the city-states of Arvanor came to make contact with the humanoid mercenaries they hired to fight the others.

There are settlements of humans in the Wildlands. Several days south of Krall, circling around the swamp the dragonborn know as the Trollhaunt, one comes upon a human town known as Elkridge. Further south, an old road leads into the Mistwatch Valley and eventually to the towering peak of Thunderspire. Under this mountain, the minotaurs of old carved the vast labyrinth of Saruun Khel. Now, the minotaurs have long since fled and a group of powerful mages have taken one of the central locations in the labyrinth, known as the Seven Pillared Hall, and transformed it into a marketplace between the surface world and the Darklands. While only a trickle of surface goods make the trip to the Seven Pillared Hall. The chance to tap a vast, though dangerous, market does appeal to many.

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